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hop crown transplant, naja’s, beer delivery

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011

on friday AP and I spearheaded a thirsty mission to naja’s in redondo.

during the weekend I managed to transplant some of my hop crowns from their pots to the side yard.

  • I chose my cascade and zeus plants to transplant since I use derivations of those varieties (columbus and amarillo) most often in my hoppier beers.  they were also the best performers given my growing conditions.
  • the cascade crown was huge after only a year’s growth, and had a root ball the size of a basketball, which should help with any transplant shock.
  • the zeus crown was two years old and was even bigger.  I found a good separation point in the crown and split it into two pieces, each of which I planted individually.
  • I got all three in the ground right before a heavy downpour hit for days, so hopefully the crowns are set and ready to take off.

I also got a surprise in the mail from EW and JW out of florida, who enjoyed many a brew with AP, myself, and the rest of the crew in new orleans.

  • the package was basically a cigar city gift basket, including a snifter, their IPA, and a bunch of their funky, sour saisons.  I can’t wait to pop some of these bottles and add their dregs to my own saison.  thanks again you two!

weekend in review 04/09 – 04/11

Monday, April 12th, 2010

after a long week of desk jockeying, the weekend couldn’t come up fast enough.

  • after getting a little more settled in our new spot, AP and I rolled over to naja’s to meet up with AP, PP, and DP.
  • I can’t overemphasize the great atmosphere at naja’s – no pretention and a laid back attitude, right on the water!
  • not to mention great selection – I grabbed  a pour of goose island’s matilda, which was very earthy and refreshing.  AP grabbed her staple – eric’s ale.
  • once everyone showed up, the really good stuff got cracked.  first, we pulled a great bottle of fantome saison for everyone to try.
  • I also ordered up a fantastic saison that (if I remember correctly) was from brasserie d’achouffe (the tap handle was complicated and it was listed as “saison” on the board – I’ll have to get back with the name since it was pretty great).
  • there was also a north/south tasting debate going on (if only in my head) as both carlsbad’s green flash west coast IPA and healdsburg’s bear republic racer 5 were poured.  such a tough call between those two…
  • later during the weekend I tended to my fresh hop plants – in addition to last years’ vojvodina and zeus, I picked up some chinook, cascade, mt hood, and sterling varieties.
  • I got the rhizomes from freshops, and couldn’t be happier – they came fast, had noticeable buds on arrival and sprouted within a week.  however, CB had different results, however, as state agricultural problems and questionable customer service almost ruined his (sizable) order.
  • also, it will be interesting to see the yield of my second-year established plants.  I kept all my hops potted due to limited time, but if the yield is low I might reconsider next year.  fingers crossed…

potted zeus hop “harvest”

Thursday, October 1st, 2009

zeus on the vine

a couple days ago my potted zeus hop plant seemed to be ready for harvest.

  • the cones on the plant looked like they were ready to go.  like the vojvodina cones, they were light to the touch and contained some lupulin:

zeus cone profile

  • the hop vine was nowhere as prolific as the vojvodina, but it still reached my second story window.  after cutting down the vine, I brought it inside to do some picking.

cutting the zeus

zeus doubled up

zeus vine inside

  • when all was said and done, I had a little over 4 ounces of wet hops (vs. over 12oz for the vojvodina!).  not amazing, but not bad for a little late hop addition.

4oz of zeus

  • instead of using these wet/fresh, I laid them out on a screen where they have been drying for the last couple of days with a small fan on them.  since they have been drying in a somewhat cool environment inside, I am going to let them go for another couple days before bagging and freezing them.

zeus drying on screen

  • I planted the zeus for their very high alpha acid (AA) content, and I can already tell the difference between this batch and my last harvest.  I had to wash my hands multiple times while picking because they kept sticking together from all the lupulin!

zeus vine