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weekend in review – baker beach

Monday, March 22nd, 2010

the coming of spring called for some celebration, so this last weekend AP and I rallied the troops for a homebrew-based cookout down at baker beach.

  • aside from some soda and water, all beverages present were homebrewed.  I brought down kegs of my IPA, kolsch, steam beer, and quad, as well as some bottles of my imperial espresso stout, belgian date barleywine, and a couple bombers of cider i threw together a while back.
  • I also grabbed a bomber of TB’s kolsch as well as his saison (which turned out to be one of the crowd favorites), and CB’s ’09 xmas ale and belgian strong.  JVG also brought out a growler of his red.  12 styles of homebrew in one location? it was definitely quite the lineup.
  • to top it off, AP and CB threw together some awesome eats.  AP manned the BBQ and CB fired up a great low-country boil in his turkey fryer.
  • it was a great event with a great turnout.  hopefully we can organize another one soon!

week[end] in review 03/09-03/14

Monday, March 15th, 2010

ok, so this weekend in review is more like a week in review since AP and I met up with CB, JVG, AF, DH, and JC at la trappe on tuesday.

  • although their prices made la trappe more of a special occasion destination during these recession days, their beer list was thorough (as always) and I had to resist getting some fries and mussels.
  • I couldn’t resist the drie fonteinen geuze though – what an amazing, complex beverage.  picked up another bottle of it at bottle barn recently for under $15 – I can’t think of a better beer at that price point.
  • later that week I dropped by CB’s to sample some of his latest brews and see how my steam/common was doing.
  • CB said it had cleared up, and after a quick pour I was happy to confirm.  what can I say, it is damn tasty.
  • the weekend led AP and I down to LA, where we rolled over to naja’s with AP for some fish tacos, great beers (hop 15, pliny, old chub, etc.), friendly staff, and fantastic weather.
  • and on a side note, I learned a thing or two this weekend, compliments of the mad fermentationist (luckily, one of the ‘things’ was not the belgium/belgian issue).

steam beer results

Friday, February 26th, 2010

so, after I kegged my steam beer clone I was itching to try it out.  the problem was, I already had 2 kegs on at the house and no upcoming events that needed a keg (sad to say).

  • fortunately, when TB and CB had their baby, CB mentioned that his kegerator was currently empty-  it was the perfect excuse to roll a keg over.  who needs a pint more than a new parent after a long day running on fumes?
  • luckily, the keg had carbed up nicely and the first few pours resulted in a nice head.
  • thankfully, my fermentation temps seem to have been kept low, as the beer is smooth and malty without any noticeable phenols.  the beer has a smooth bitter finish much like the beer it’s modeled after.  there some chill haze that affects clarity, but it’s not too bad.
  • overall, I’m pretty happy with how the beer turned out, and will probably whip up another steam beer in the future (this time, however, I will go all-grain, and hopefully use a temp controlled environment).  it was pretty neat making a steam beer using local water and fermenting under ambient temps, similar to how it was done back in the day.

SF beer week 2010

Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

sf beer week!

it’s about that time again.

  • SF beer week starts a little over a week from now (friday 02/05) and runs through sunday 02/14.
  • there are a ton of events at a wide variety of venues this year.  some lineup favorites include the double IPA festival at the bistro, a fritz maytag brewer’s lunch at hopmonk tavern, sour fest at triple rocka dinner featuring magnolia and dogfish head at bar tartine, a rare moonlight beer night with brian hunt at bobby g’s (looks like he’ll also be over at monk’s kettle), and about a dozen more.  damn, I couldn’t even make it down the list.
  • also, if you have the coin, be sure to check out fellow BABB blog beer and nosh’s mostly barrel aged beer dinner, where the food looks to be as impressive as the brews.  more info can be found here. edit – this event is sold out! hope you got tickets!
  • another BABB member, wet your whistles, will be doing a caltrain pub crawl.
  • I also just found out from DH about fellow BABBer sean paxton’s beer dinner on the 11th.  AP and I will be there!
  • personally, my definitive beer week schedule has yet to be finalized.  anyone have any recommendations?  anyone up for tapping the overcarbed steam beer keg at a little SF potluck get-together?  let me know!

kegging steam beer

Friday, November 6th, 2009

kegging in action

last weekend I kegged the steam beer that was in primary.

  • I use about 3g of corn sugar, which I just dump in a sanitized keg before racking my beer into it (I used to boil it w/some water, but I found no negative effects after making the switch).
  • I keg condition using secondary fermentation instead of force carbonating for a few reasons – I believe it adds some tangible “character” to my beers, it is easy to do (not that force carbing isn’t), and it saves a ton of CO2.
  • I don’t secondary before kegging since all my sediment/trub collects near the dip tube anyway.  once I hook up my keg i just dump the first pint or two and then my beer is clear as day.
  • I checked out the results of primary fermentation, and was stoked – great color and no discernible off flavors!  looks like my SF shed did its job keeping temps reasonable.
  • the keg is carbing up in the shed as we speak, and I will likely lager it in my kegerator for a week or two before serving.

top view of kegging

finished product

uncarbed steam beer