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lambic brew session

Wednesday, November 24th, 2010

at long last, I finally got around to brewing the lambic I had planned out weeks earlier.

  • aside from a few mash temp hiccups, everything went smoothly.  due to the constant attention demanded by the turbid mash, I only managed to snap pics after the boil started.
  • see below for my notes on the brew schedule and the results of the brewday (in bold):
    • 15lb belgian pils (60%)
    • 10lb unmalted white wheat (40%) (+ a couple handfuls of rice hulls)
    • 1. 12lb/gal = (25lb total grist)/(2.1 gal. @143F) = 113F mash (overshot, hit 122F)
    • 2. hold 113F mash for 10 min
    • 3. add boiling water to get to 136.4F (hit 140->135 during this step)
    • 4. remove 0.57 gal. to kettle 2, heat to 176F at most
    • 5. add boiling water to get to 149F, hold for 15 min
    • 6. remove 2.27 gal. to kettle 2, keep at 176F at most
    • 7. add boiling water to get to 161.6F, hold for 20 min (hit 161)
    • 8. first runnings (2.83 gal) to boil kettle
    • 9. kettle 2 back into mash tun @ 176F = mash @~167F (kettle 2 was at 185(!), added cool water to bring it down to 173, mash at 159 when added)
    • 10. hold mash @167F for 20 min (only got up to 161, held for 20)
    • 11. vorlauf and sparge with 185F water (sparge water varied from 179->190 while backup boiling water was added)
    • 12. ~end up with 18.5 gal wort~ (ended with 19 gal)
    • 13. divide wort into keggle (13.5 gal) and turkey fryer (5 gal) (14 in keggle, 5 in fryer, added foam reducer)
    • 14. add 5.17 oz old/low AA hops to keggle @ start of boil (4.65 hops total – .5 willamette 4AA 4yr, 1.6 saaz 2.6AA 4 yr, 2.6 saaz 3.2AA 2 yr)
    • 15. boil down to ~12-13 gals* (boiled down to 12.8 gal in 2 hr 40 min)
  • as you can see, hitting some of the temps proved challenging, but the boil didn’t take long at all – with the garage door closed, my system managed to boil off over 2 gallons an hour, without using the bucket heater.  I stopped the boil when I hit an OG of 12.9 brix = 1.05.
  • as for bugs, I pitched a smack pack of wyeast’s roselare blend and a vial of white labs’ sour mix 1, and added dregs from a 375ml bottle of drie fonteinen oude geuze (i believe it was bottled in 2009).  I pitched at 74F.
  • it took a couple of days to see some airlock activity, and the brew is chugging along nicely at the moment at around 66-68F.  expect updates in about a year…