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moonlight artemis at city beer

Thursday, October 29th, 2009

the lineup at city beer

last weekend AP and I happened to be south of market, so we figured a trip to city beer store was called for.

  • we scored some great seats, whipped out a deck of cards, and scanned the beer list for something interesting on draft.
  • AP decided on schmaltz human blockhead, which was listed as a “sweet, malty lager,” but which maybe used lager yeast but didn’t have any lager characteristics beyond that.  it was definitely sweet and malty, like a sweet barleywine.
  • as usual, the moonlight offering on draft caught my eye.  I ordered up a pour of artemis, a gruit evidently bittered and flavored with mugwort/common wormwood and monarda.
  • when Craig, the proprietor, asked me if “I wasn’t sure I just wanted a taste first,” I knew it was going to be interesting.
  • the beer was very earthy and woodsy.  another guy at the bar turned to me and said, “pretty medicinal, huh?,” and I had to agree.  although the beer was very drinkable, I think one pour was quite enough to satisfy my curiosity (plus homeopathically cure any possible stomach ailments I may have had).
  • all in all, it was just another relaxing afternoon at city beer, with a little surprise thanks to Brian.  keep pushing the boundaries!

artemis and human blockhead

the tap list

one of many beer fridges

bear republic hop rod rye

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

hop rod rye in the glass

bear republic’s hop rod rye is a great example of a rye IPA.

  • the rye in this beer complements the IPA hoppiness perfectly, and the result is a brew that is even more drinkable than a straight IPA.
  • I am definitely a fan of rye IPAs, and will order them up whenever I get a chance.  another great examples of a rye IPAs is schmaltz’ bittersweet lenny’s R.I.P.A.
  • I have also brewed denny conn’s rye IPA recipe multiple times, and each batch has gotten rave reviews from everyone who has tried it.
  • in fact, one of my top 5 personal favorite homebrew recipes is based off of a rye bread/kvass and pale ale recipe adapted from a conversation with dave over at healthy spirits.  I will definitely be brewing that one again.
  • bear republic is a great brewery that I have noticed more and more at festivals.  their employees are always super friendly and generous with their pours.  plus, their racer 5 IPA is my go-to pint at many bars around town.  great job guys!

hop rod rye bottle