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russian river brewing company

Friday, October 30th, 2009

the bar at russian river

last weekend TM, JVG, JC, and I went disc golfing at novato.  however, before a disc was tossed we made a detour toward santa rosa for a couple brews at russian river brewing company.

  • one of my favorite things about the russian river pub (aside from all their on-premises conditioning and barrels) is the huge new albion sign hanging above the bar.  for a little brewing history, check out these articles on Jack McAuliffe and new albion.

new albion sign

  • JVG ordered up the O.V.L. stout, TM and I picked up an emprircal 7 saison (sessionable, but not remarkable), and JC couldnt decide, so he ordered the taster.
  • the waiter brought back the most impressive taster I have ever seen – 14 beers were lined up for sampling!  it gave all of us a chance to try some beers that we woudn’t have otherwise been able to order up.

massive taster at russian river

  • after sampling a mulitude of offerings, I couldn’t help but go back to one of my favorites – temptation.  JVG and JC each ordered up a consecration.
  • the best part of the trip?  on sundays, all beers are $3.25 all day!
  • after unsuccessfully trying to convince the waiter to fill me a growler of temptation, we rolled out of russian river towards petaluma… (to be continued!)

empirical 7 and O.V.L. stout

the lineup at russian river

JVG enjoying his stout

tap list at russian river

fermentation/conditioning tanks at russian river

barrels at russian river

deschutes the dissident

Thursday, September 24th, 2009

up close pour of the dissident

last weekend I managed to crack open a bottle of deschutesthe dissident.

  • the dissident is a great example of an oud bruin, aka an east flanders brown ale.
  • east flanders brown ales are traditionally more malty and bitter than their west flanders red ale counterparts, and are fermented in stainless steel tanks using a mixed culture of yeast and bacteria (here, presumably brettanomyces) that gives them their sourness. thanks wild brews!
  • in the case of this beer, evidently some of it was aged in pinot noir and cabernet barrels, and washington cherries were added to secondary.
  • when this beer came out it was seriously hyped, both online and in local stores.  it lived up to it though by being a relatively sessionable brown with just the right amount of sourness.
  • I believe deschutes called this beer “the dissident” since it was their first brett beer and they isolated it from their main brewing equipment during aging and bottling.  their label is one of the best and most unique I have seen on a commercial beer.
  • this beer was on the shelves everywhere for a couple of months, but supplies went fast and pretty soon there was none to be found.  long after I had given up hope of cracking another bottle of this guy, AP, CB, TB and I rolled up to santa rosa for their beer fest.  while up there, we stopped by their friendly neighborhood beer store.  while we were kicking around the store looking for brews, I noticed that one of the cases of red chair on display looked a little different from the rest.  I looked a little closer and had an indiana jones moment – it was an unopened case of the dissident!

dissident artwork

dissident pour

dissident bottle