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unibroue terrible

Thursday, January 14th, 2010

terrible lineup

unibroue was a very influential player during my transformation into a beer geek.

  • back in my U of I days, where one king ruled the land, I thought I was innovative as hell when I would buy a sixer of dos equis lager or red stripe.
  • however, my mind was mildly blown one night out at some bar (boltini’s, perhaps?) when a friend ordered up a couple bottles of la fin du monde.
  • admittedly impressed by the bottle art and high abv, I gave it a shot, and was wholly unprepared for the flavor, carbonation, and aroma that followed.
  • unibroue thus became my “favorite” brewery, and remained my favorite for many years.  I kept coming back to those big belgian bottles when my student budget allowed.
  • one of my favorites in their lineup was (and still is) terrible, an abbey style strong dark ale.  bottles of terrible were popped on many a special occasion in years past.
  • as with all brews from these guys, terrible shows vigorous carbonation, and my pour has a great initial head that dies down after a bit.
  • the aroma is boozy with some fruitiness, and the body is spicy and roasty.  this beer is definitely a good idea as an after dinner/dessert drink, as recommended by the brewers.
  • FYI, The French expression ce n’est pas terrible is a weird one, because the word terrible is a semi-false cognate par excellence, as it can mean either “terrible” or “terrific.” (cite)
  • check back for more unibroue reviews in the future, including a 2+ year/fresh fin du monde bottle comparison.

terrible closeup

terrible bottle