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dogfish head raison d’extra 2006

Tuesday, December 8th, 2009

raison d'extra in the glass

after trying dogfish head’s raison d’etre over at burger bar las vegas, I was excited when CB pulled a bottle of their raison d’extra from 2006 out of the fridge during a recent visit.

  • raison d’extra is DFH’s turbocharged version of the d’etre – it clocks in at an insane 18% abv!
  • the pour was syrupy smooth, with good carbonation.
  • the aroma was fantastic, and the beer had a syrupy mouthfeel that was malty, caramely and slightly fruity.
  • close to 4 years in the bottle had mellowed the beer significantly – there was only slightly noticeable alcohol heat and any booziness was not overpowering.
  • what can I say, this beer was great.  it reminded me of aged brown shugga, except this beer was twice the abv!  incredible.  this brew was definitely one of my favorites in recent memory.  thanks again CB!

raison d'extra bottle

raison d'extra in the glass