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dogfish head raison d’extra 2006

Tuesday, December 8th, 2009

raison d'extra in the glass

after trying dogfish head’s raison d’etre over at burger bar las vegas, I was excited when CB pulled a bottle of their raison d’extra from 2006 out of the fridge during a recent visit.

  • raison d’extra is DFH’s turbocharged version of the d’etre – it clocks in at an insane 18% abv!
  • the pour was syrupy smooth, with good carbonation.
  • the aroma was fantastic, and the beer had a syrupy mouthfeel that was malty, caramely and slightly fruity.
  • close to 4 years in the bottle had mellowed the beer significantly – there was only slightly noticeable alcohol heat and any booziness was not overpowering.
  • what can I say, this beer was great.  it reminded me of aged brown shugga, except this beer was twice the abv!  incredible.  this brew was definitely one of my favorites in recent memory.  thanks again CB!

raison d'extra bottle

raison d'extra in the glass

burger bar las vegas

Monday, August 31st, 2009

view from the back bar

view from the back bar

In Las Vegas for a close friend’s bachelor party, I happened to stumble across Burger Bar in Mandalay Place on the strip.  Well, more like “actively seek out as a result of BeerFly research” than “stumble across,” but you know what I mean.  This place emerged as an oasis in a desert of aluminum budweiser bottles and foot-tall plastic margarita glasses.

  • don’t fret if mandalay place (the building between mandalay bay and luxor) seems far.  a tram at excalibur drops you off less than a 5 minute walk from where you need to be.
  • when I got there, the place was packed, and there was a line to get in.  however, bar seating is first come, first served, and there were open bar seats the entire time i was there, so if you are in a group of 2-3 I would recommend that option.  they are also open until 2am on weekends, so you can always go in at an off hour to avoid the rush.
  • if the front bar is packed, check out their back bar – it seemed less crowded to me and was where I got a seat the first time I was there.
  • over the course of the weekend, I visited this place multiple times.  I started off with a favorite, stone’s 13 anniversary, while picking out a burger.
  • they also have an impressive dogfish head selection here, bigger than I have found in SF.  I had a DFH raison d’etre with my burger, and had them pour a draft DFH 90 minute IPA in a cup to go.
  • later that weekend, I rolled in for another burger.  I started off with another favorite, Cantillon Iris (in a 375ml bottle), and left with a DFH 120 minute IPA in a cup (ask for it, I don’t think it’s on the menu).  I think I can safely say that I was the only guy rolling through the casino with that beer in his hand.
  • Everyone working at burger bar was very friendly (and incredibly busy).  I had a good conversation with Dean, the resident “beer guide” at burger bar.  He’s the guy to look for for good beer stories and recommendations.

Also, another burger bar will be opening in the city in macy’s sometime soon, so hopefully theire beer list will come with it and we can all enjoy yet more beer variety here in SF.

p.s. for some decent shots of the interior of burger bar go here.