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pivovarský dům prague

Monday, November 16th, 2009

AP and her pick of the litter at pivovarsky dum

this post is a continuation of the brew highlights from last year’s european adventure.

after swinging by pivovarský klub in prague, AP and I decided to visit the source of their house brews, pivovarský dům.

  • pivovarský dům was definitely different from its counterpart.  whereas pivovarský klub was cool and somewhat modern, pivovarský dům was hot and had a funky mixed atmosphere of copper brew equipment and diner-style checkerboard tile.
  • the beers here were different as well – we ordered up a sampler and received a wide variety of their brews, including banana, coffee, cherry, and nettle beers.
  • all the above beers were definitely interesting, but I’m not sure I could down a pint of any of them.  however, their wheat beer and standard lager were very drinkable.
  • overall, this place was an interesting stop, but if I had to do it over again I would probably have skipped it, despite the novelty of their beer selection.

sampler lineup at pivovarsky dum

pivovarský klub prague

Monday, September 28th, 2009

a great house pilsener at pivovarsky klub

this post is a continuation of the brew highlights from last year’s european adventure.

after a long trek out to holesovice and pivni galerie (review soon!) in the czech republic, AP and I were in desperate need of refreshment.  pivovarský klub definitely came through nicely.

  • this place had a great bottle selection (200+ bottles) that included many american/west coast offerings.  it was pretty amazing to see some local bottles from places like stone brewing so far from home.
  • the downstairs bar was amazing too – bottles lined the walls and the modest tap selection was top notch.  the traditional food was great too.
  • I tried out the dum stepan from their house brewery, pivovarsky dum – it was a great czech pils that I wish I could get more often.
  • I also had a svijany maz from svijany brewery – this beer doesnt seem to get much love on beeradvocate, but I remember it as hiding its 11%abv well and being quite drinkable and refreshing.
  • AP had the lipan from these guys in drazic (I think).  she also had her now-favorite beer, the pivo svetly lezak from opat aka pivovar broumov, a brewery whose offerings have been impossible to find here in the states (much to AP’s disappointment).
  • overall, this place was comfortable, relaxing, and had great service.  I will definitely make a point to stop by again the next time I am in the area.

planning out the rest of our route with opat at the klub

another great high-gravity czech pilsener

minipivovar u medvídků

Thursday, September 10th, 2009

tap lineup at the beer house

a little over a year ago AP and I headed out on our european honeymoon.  this is the first of a series of sporadic posts describing some of the better brew places we encountered during our trip.

after hours of hoofing it around prague, czech republic under a hot sun, AP and I were ready for a break. I had read reviews about u medvídků‘s good food, beers, and local atmosphere, so we dropped in to see what was up.

  • the downstairs beer house has an elaborate (and amazing) draft setup, flowing with varieties of budvar (aka “real” budweiser, a great czech lager).  some cold beers accompanied by some pheasant goulash set us straight.
  • the place is very local, but has a very friendly atmosphere as well.  the bartenders/waiters were very accommodating.
  • after soaking in the atmosphere downstairs, we went upstairs in the back to their “mini-brewery,” which is claimed to be the smallest czech restaurant brewery.
  • in the darker, even more mellow upstairs space, amongst their brew equipment, they had a single tap pouring their house beer, oldgott, a tasty dark lager.
  • on our way out I managed top pick up some glassware and a bottle of X-33, a strong lager they brew occasionally on the premises.  as it is 12.6% abv, I have it tucked away for a special occasion.
  • a couple notes: they have an interesting beer garden and even a hotel on premises.  this place is definitely worth checking out for those in the area.
  • it also appears that the brewery is now putting out 1466, a pale lager.

upstairs with oldgott