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north county SD trip/hop harvest round 2

Thursday, September 16th, 2010

last weekend AP and I headed down to north county san diego (carlsbad, oceanside, san marcos, etc.) for a quick visit that included quite a few brew-oriented visits.

  • when we first arrived, a trip to pizza port carlsbad was a no brainer.  we phoned in a pizza order and walked over, and by the time we got there the pizza was ready and there was only a small wait at the bar.
  • AP sampled the warm weather wheat and the carlsbad chronic, while I tried out atTENuation, poor man’s double IPA, and 547 haight.  my hands down favorite was poor man’s double – it must have been fresh out of the fermenter and had an overwhelming hop aroma that never stopped coming, and was also quite balanced for a double IPA.  this might be my favorite IPA at the moment…
  • the next day we headed over to port’s adjacent bottle shop to pick up some rarities, including some goodies from fantome, drie fonteinen, port, avery, dogfish head…
  • I even picked up a bottle of baird brewing’s rising sun pale, brewed by brewboard’s just-cj out in japan.
  • I hesitate to disseminate this information for fear of losing future selection to competition, but port’s bottle shop has some of the hardest to find bottles available for great prices.  if I remember correctly, bottles of fantome (all styles) go here for $12 or so, and individual 12ozs can be had for a pittance.  it’s hard to walk out of here without a box of choice brews under your arm…
  • later that day we cruised over to stone’s brewery/restaurant for more great beer selection and some good food.  stone’s layout is amazing – they have a killer indoor bar with their stainless brewery as the backdrop, and also have an outdoor bar overlooking their trail/ urban garden in the back.
  • AP and I grabbed some seats on the patio and enjoyed 4 oz. samplers of a large variety of brews, including terrapin/de proef’s monstre rouge (tasted like a malty/worty imperial red, no sourness detected), bockor’s cuvee des jacobins rouge (a classic, great sourness with good balance), and van honsebrouck’s bacchus, which was my favorite of the day with its smooth sourness and outstanding drinkability.
  • on the way back from stone, we dropped by texas wine and spirits, which claims to have the best beer and wine selection in the area.  well, port  bottle shop is right down the street, so I was a little skeptical, but when I was definitely impressed when I walked in and saw walls of craft bottles from all over.
  • they also had the largest selection of rogue beers I have ever seen, including ones I couldn’t find up in portland.  their selection complements port’s, and is now on my list of must-stops while in town.

on tuesday I managed to find some time to harvest the rest of my hops.

  • the vojvodinas were looking a little sun burnt, so I knew the clock was ticking to get them down and dried.  between the vojvodinas, zeus, and chinooks I harvested, I am guessing another 4-5ozs of dried hops went into my lineup.
  • the zeus were amazingly fragrant – I couldn’t stop taking whiffs of the bowl as I was picking them.  hopefully they will all get to meet some hot wort in the near future – I am thinking a homegrown pale…

pizza port bottle shop carlsbad

Tuesday, January 5th, 2010

port bottle shop outside

my folks are fortunate enough to live a stone’s throw from pizza port in carlsbad, and whenever I am down for a visit I can’t resist the temptation to stop by.  when the pizza port bottle shop opened next door it just sweetened the deal.

  • the spot is very reminiscent of city beer store, although no food is served (not surprisingly) and there is a back patio to chill out at, although there aren’t any seats inside.
  • there is also no corkage fee here, whereas city beer charges $1 a pop (last time I checked).
  • the place is packed with great beers, and most all are chilled (for better or worse).  they seem to be mostly organized by region, so moving from cooler to cooler is like doing a little beverage globetrotting.
  • as I had hoped, a cooler by the register had plenty of port/lost abbey goodies, including 2 sizes of cuvee de tomme and angel’s share – too bad I didn’t have a wad of cash on me!
  • to top it off, I was shooting it with the cashier and found out he worked at the bruery.  I love how connected the beer scene is in CA (not to mention the rest of the US).
  • all in all, the pizza port bottle shop is not to be missed – it has plenty of bottles that are not available or hard to find up in SF, as well as friendly staff and locals.  I’m actually glad I don’t live nearby, or temptation would attack my wallet with a vengeance.

tables at port bottle shop

some of the booty at port bottle shop

the coolers at port bottle shop

pizza port carlsbad

Thursday, December 3rd, 2009

pizza port carlsbad

after visiting my parents down in carlsbad, AP looked over at me while we were driving back up to LA and we both knew we had to stop by pizza port for a quick pint and a slice.

  • back in the days before I wised up, I used to brown bag a bomber of hog heaven barleywine over at pig liquor with the likes of PC to get my craft beer fix.  little did I know that a veritable brewing wonderland lay mere blocks away.
  • pizza port has a huge interior, with communal picnic tables both inside and out and a sizable bar wrapping around one side of the facility.
  • despite a less than enthusiastic (read: rude) bartender who was probably pissed he was working at noon on a sunday, I managed to get a pour of plant to pint, a fresh hop pale from port brewing.
  • plant to pint was mellow and drinkable, with a fresh citrusy hop aroma and a palate-coating bitter finish.  I actually preferred this to port’s other fresh hop offering.
  • the kicker is that their pizza is pretty awesome as well.  AP and I were contemplating trying another pint, but when AP was refused service at the bar(!) since her ID was in the car, we took the cue and headed out.
  • pizza port also has an incredible bottle shop (somewhat similar to city beer store) next door that was closed when we rolled by but will get reviewed in the near future.

plant to pint

some of the tanks in pizza port

the bar at pizza port

tap list at pizza port

port/lost abbey 3rd anniversary party recap

Tuesday, September 8th, 2009

in the barrel room

mother’s day 2009 happened to coincide with port brewing/lost abbey‘s third anniversary party at the brewing/aging facility they acquired from stone brewing in san marcos.  since my parents live in north county san diego, they agreed to head over to see what all the fuss was about.

  • the place was PACKED, as expected, so it took a little while to get a pour (although parking was not a problem, since the brewery is located in a business park).  also, a band was banging it out in the middle of the brew space.  the setup was definitely not for the faint of heart.
  • however, once you sided up to the bar, the selection was worth the wait.  I started off with a round of cuvee de tomme, an oak-aged sour quad that I had heard a lot about.  this beer was GREAT, as it combined two of my favorite beer genres (quads and sour beers) into a highly drinkable combination.  I was in love at first pour, but the keg kicked soon thereafter, so I was left to explore other options.
  • the next round was angel’s share brandy barrel, another great barrel-aged strong.  one word of advice to those with recent carbonation issues with bottles of this beer – place it in a warmer environment for a while and agitate the bottle occasionally.  hey, it works for homebrewers who do in-bottle secondary fermentations…
  • we also snagged a round of angel’s share broubon barrel.  see where this is going? all of port/lost abbey’s greats were available, and  sample sizes were generous.  since others like phunky duck were kicked, a few more angel’s shares got tossed around in their awesome barrel room before we called it a day and got out of there.
  • on a side note, pizza port pizza was being served as well, and although there was a considerable wait for that as well, it too was worth it.
  • note to self for future anniversary parties: 1) bring earplugs, 2) get there earlier and set up shop, 3) take a deep breath before entering and know what you are in store for.
  • also, check out the comment on this blog post for some enlightening information about the details of port brewing.

the whole gang

not a bad place to be