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lagunitas brewers’ tapas dinner

Wednesday, February 10th, 2010

jeremy pouring one up

ahh, lagunitas.

  • for my birthday, AP and I managed to score some tickets to the inaugural brewer’s tapas dinner at lagunitas brewing.
  • I had been to the beer sanctuary and taproom a little while back, but it was AP’s maiden voyage.  after a lunch full of cask ales and british fare at magnolia, we headed out to petaluma for some more debauchery.
  • as anyone who knows me is well aware, I am definitely biased towards lagunitas.  I love their beers, packaging, and overall mentality, and I got a healthy dose of all three at their dinner.
  • their five-course tapas/small plate style dinner was tasty and well-prepared, and was accompanied by lagunitas’ deep lineup, including their IPA, imperial stout, hop stoopid, pils, and hairy eyeball.
  • during the dinner, brewmaster Jeremy Marshal fielded questions from the crowd, while the rest of the brew staff worked the tables and topped off everyone’s glasses.
  • after dinner, everyone headed over to their skybox-style bar overlooking the brewery for some aged brews and beer talk.
  • the highlight of the night for me was talking to one of the owners and the brewers while they doled out generous pours of ’06 gnarlywine, ’06 hairy eyeball, ’08 brown shugga, and many others.
  • topics of conversation ranged from yeast strains to hop extract to the story behind a little sumpin’ sumpin’, and everyone at the brewery was friendly, well-spoken, and informative.
  • I was definitely bummed out when I realized it was time for us to take off, but I was grateful to be a part of this awesome event and was already anticipating my next trip over to the beer sanctuary.  thanks for the great time guys!

aged bottles getting cracked

another pour from one of the brewers

havin a good time

kicking us out

quick glance at the floor

pivovarský klub prague

Monday, September 28th, 2009

a great house pilsener at pivovarsky klub

this post is a continuation of the brew highlights from last year’s european adventure.

after a long trek out to holesovice and pivni galerie (review soon!) in the czech republic, AP and I were in desperate need of refreshment.  pivovarský klub definitely came through nicely.

  • this place had a great bottle selection (200+ bottles) that included many american/west coast offerings.  it was pretty amazing to see some local bottles from places like stone brewing so far from home.
  • the downstairs bar was amazing too – bottles lined the walls and the modest tap selection was top notch.  the traditional food was great too.
  • I tried out the dum stepan from their house brewery, pivovarsky dum – it was a great czech pils that I wish I could get more often.
  • I also had a svijany maz from svijany brewery – this beer doesnt seem to get much love on beeradvocate, but I remember it as hiding its 11%abv well and being quite drinkable and refreshing.
  • AP had the lipan from these guys in drazic (I think).  she also had her now-favorite beer, the pivo svetly lezak from opat aka pivovar broumov, a brewery whose offerings have been impossible to find here in the states (much to AP’s disappointment).
  • overall, this place was comfortable, relaxing, and had great service.  I will definitely make a point to stop by again the next time I am in the area.

planning out the rest of our route with opat at the klub

another great high-gravity czech pilsener