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the kegerator

Monday, November 30th, 2009

front of the kegerator

last week the CO2 tank in my kegerator ran out of gas, so I took some pics during the tank swap.

  • I use a standard converted sanyo 4912 fridge with two front-mounted perlick faucets (here is a great fridge conversion guide)
  • instead of a standard CO2 tank, I use 20 oz. paintball tanks with a paintball tank regulator.
  • I thought paintball tanks would be easier and cheaper to get filled, since I assumed there were more paintball tank filling places than standard tank fillers around.
  • however, it turns out that paintball tanks are being filled with a different type of gas, and as a result, there aren’t many CO2 tank filling spots around anymore.  in fact, I get my tanks filled in san jose since no one in the city fills them!  what a pain in the ass.
  • the only benefit to these smaller tanks is that I can fit 2 corny kegs and the tank in the fridge without any modifications.  plus, I naturally carb my kegs and only use CO2 to serve my brew, so a tank lasts a relatively long time.
  • however, in the future I would love to get something like a 100lb tank with a dedicated CO2 line running to a built-in bar.  I would probably need a fill-up every decade or so…

inside the kegerator

the CO2 tank

the kegs