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maui brewing co.

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

last weekend AP and I headed out to maui to visit PB, NB, and MB for a few days of relaxation.

  • on saturday we headed out to maui brewing co.’s brewery in lahaina to check out their setup.
  • although tours were on hold when we got there due to construction/expansion, the taps were still flowing, so we pulled up a couple chairs and sampled some brews.
  • one of AP’s favorites is maui’s coconut porter, which was great fresh from the source.  another killer brew was their big swell IPA, which is good in cans but fantastic on draft.  my pour couldn’t have been kegged for more than a week – the aroma was seriously pungent.
  • my favorite brew of the day was their barefoot brew, contracted out for a local restaurant.  it was a honey pale (or was it honey blonde?) that was crisp with a great dry finish that was a perfect solution for the hot weather.  I don’t often order up more than one pint of a particular brew in one sitting, but this was the exception.
  • the service was great, and I even noticed that homebrew supplies (including 2-row straight from the brewery) were sold at the bar as well as the usual shirts and gear.  what a great resource!

maui brewing coconut porter

Tuesday, November 24th, 2009

coconut porter in the glass

AP’s go-to beer these days has been maui brewing co.’s coconut porter.

  • we first tried this brew while on oahu a while back and she has been hooked ever since.
  • in AP’s own words, the beer has a smoky, nutty aroma and is chocolately, rich and creamy with a subtle coconut flavor.
  • I only wish I had grabbed her a bottle of aloha plenty, a collab between maui brew co and stone. in fact, I had a chance once at a liquor store in redondo beach, but for some reason the cashier refused to sell it to me.  go figure.

coconut porter can

coconut porter