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lucky baldwins

Wednesday, May 4th, 2011

last weekend AP and I got stuck in old town pasadena, with temps that felt close to triple digit.  luckily, we were only blocks from lucky baldwins.

  • with a shaded patio and old pub vibe, lucky baldwins allowed a welcome respite from the elements.  AP and I snagged a patio table and were served without delay by friendly staff.
  • our visit coincided with the bluntly named “high alcohol beer festival,” which sounded a little frat boy-esque, but yielded a great selection of rare beers.
  • I couldn’t pass up a draft pour of 2002 HOTD fred (which held up very well with a caramel, deep, warming sweetness), and had a sampler of bear republic’s ryevalry, which had a flavorful balance of rye spiciness and heavy hops.
  • I was looking forward to trying more hard-to-find gems as well as some of their food, but weekend errands took priority and AP and I were off in less than an hour.  next time!
  • here is a little trivia about lucky baldwin.  now if I could only figure out the connection with the cantillon logo