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san pedro brewing co.

Friday, December 4th, 2009

san pedro brew co sign

last week, while AP and I were down south for thanksgiving, we stopped by san pedro brewing co. in our home town for a couple pints.

  • san pedro brew co. is on 6th street, a stone’s throw from some greek restaurant I’ve heard good things about.
  • the place is cozy and relaxing, with plenty of tables and a great bar.
  • they brew on-site and have a consistent lineup.  there were six house beers on draft when we rolled in – AP grabbed a shanghai red and I picked up a point fermin pale ale.
  • the pale was sessionable and well-balanced.  however, AP’s red turned out to be a seasonal pumpkin ale we were told was out – I think the lines got crossed or something.
  • the best part about this place? the hospitality, which I have to say is the best I have ever experienced.  while we were sipping our pints, louie, one of the brew co. employees, came up and asked if I wanted a tour.  he proceeded to show me the entire underground brew premises, including the lagering cooler, and was proud to show off the many awards pulled in by the brew co. over the years.  thanks again man!
  • after getting stoked checking out all the pro gear downstairs, I came back up and finished up the night with a longshoreman lager, which was smooth and clean, with a little hop aroma.
  • overall, I’m proud that such a friendly local bar with good house brews exists where I grew up, and I am looking forward to hitting up san pedro brew co. for many years to come.

bar at san pedro brew co.

some hardware at san pedro brew co.

the "red" at san pedro brew co.

conicals at san pedro brew co.

pale at san pedro brew co.

lagering conicals and serving kegs

lager at san pedro brew co.

kegs at san pedro brew co.