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weekend in review – baker beach

Monday, March 22nd, 2010

the coming of spring called for some celebration, so this last weekend AP and I rallied the troops for a homebrew-based cookout down at baker beach.

  • aside from some soda and water, all beverages present were homebrewed.  I brought down kegs of my IPA, kolsch, steam beer, and quad, as well as some bottles of my imperial espresso stout, belgian date barleywine, and a couple bombers of cider i threw together a while back.
  • I also grabbed a bomber of TB’s kolsch as well as his saison (which turned out to be one of the crowd favorites), and CB’s ’09 xmas ale and belgian strong.  JVG also brought out a growler of his red.  12 styles of homebrew in one location? it was definitely quite the lineup.
  • to top it off, AP and CB threw together some awesome eats.  AP manned the BBQ and CB fired up a great low-country boil in his turkey fryer.
  • it was a great event with a great turnout.  hopefully we can organize another one soon!

bottling the imperial espresso stout

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009


christmas is upon us, and while brewing my partial mash IPA I decided to bottle a case of my imperial espresso stout as a gift for my pops.

  • CB was over and volunteered to help out.  I’m glad he did, since the whole event turned into a fiasco.
  • when I originally brewed this stout, I pitched a smack pack of wyeast 9097-PC Old Ale Blend that never seemed to take off, so I repitched with a vial of white labs high gravity ale yeast and kegged after a primary of over a month.
  • evidently, the brett in the original smack pack must have kicked in after kegging and went to town over the next 7 months.
  • I should have known that something was wrong when I went to charge the keg with a little CO2.  as soon as I stuck the ball lock on the gas in post, it popped right off.  I just shrugged it off and proceeded to plug in my cobra tap into the beer out post.
  • in true overcarbed fashion, as soon as the ball lock was seated, the keg pressure blew open the cobra tap and thick stout foam violently shot out of my attached bottling tube.
  • luckily, the whole assembly was in a bucket of sanitizer, so the mess was minimal, but if I had just hooked up the keg to my kegerator was I had originally planned, it would have been catastrophic.
  • after forcing the ball lock off after a couple seconds of panic, I tried purging the keg, which resulted in a blast radius of foam a few feet in diameter.
  • finally, CB came up with the idea of hooking the cobra tap to the gas in post.  we did, and after 5+ minutes of foam constantly pouring out of the tap, the keg was in equilibrium and ready to bottle.  phew!
  • however, the beer ended up tasting great and the brett gave it a little earthy funk that fit in with the roasted malt and heavy dose of espresso.  I think JF will enjoy this pitch-black brew after work or as a nightcap.
  • MERRY XMAS EVERYBODY! enjoy some great brews with some great company!

blowing off some foam in the keg

bottling the stout

the end result