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BAM fest, bottling the homegrown saison

Thursday, October 11th, 2012

last saturday I headed over to santa monica for the annual beer, art, and music (BAM) fest.

  • a comprehensive beer selection accompanied a friendly crowd and a great music lineup at the 18th street arts center parking lot.  standout taps included a fresh hop beer from pizza port and a barrel aged imperial stout from smog city.  I got caught up talking shop with a bunch of brewers at the event and only managed to get a couple shots off, but bernie over at friends of local beer took a great set you can check out HERE.

the next morning I found some time to keg and bottle my homegrown saison.

  • the beer finished at 6.5 brix (1.006) for an abv of 6.63%.  since it finished so low I decided to skip the brett b addition and just keg up ten gallons straight.  initially, a loose-fitting siphon hose introduced some oxygen into the beer line and eliminated suction when racking the beer, but after a quick fix with some zip ties and CO2 pressure the kegs were topped off for carbonating.  the gravity sample had diverse and intense spice and fruit notes – it seems the yeast really liked the high fermentation temps.  I’m definitely looking forward to the finished product in a few weeks!