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rodenbach grand cru

Wednesday, February 24th, 2010

a while back, I was perusing the bevmo shelves (surprise!) when I came across a few offerings from rodenbach that warranted closer inspection.

  • I usually pass over brews labeled as a “grand cru” because the designation is vague and seems to be all-encompassing.  when I grab a bottle I usually end up with a strong, spicy tripel-esque beer that I am usually not fond of.
  • however, after scanning the label of rodenbach’s grand cru, my eyes lit up – this beer was a flanders red, and was 1/3 “new” and 2/3 “old,” the “old” being matured for a couple years in oak vats.
  • since the majority of the beer was old, I figured it would be more dry and tart and less sweet than its counterparts, such as the duchesse, which I personally find a bit too sweet (relatively speaking).
  • when I finally got around to popping this guy, I was happy to find that the above was true.  the beer had a slight vinegar note, and was pleasingly sour, with a little sweetness to back it up.  it was still a little too sweet for my tastes – I could go for an 85/15 blend.
  • the current blend gave the beer a great drinkability, however, and my glass was empty way too fast.  I definitely plan on grabbing future bottles, since at $11 or $12 a pop it sure beats getting a champagne glass pour for $5-6 at toronado.
  • turns out the MJ is a fan of this beer too.

city beer store

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009

at the taps

City Beer Store is one of my favorite places to grab a beer, mainly because I can sip on one of six taps while perusing an impressive bottle selection.  I wish more bottle shops were able to do this.

  • if you’re claustrophobic, I would recommend coming here at an off time or during the week.  the place isn’t that big and can get super crowded.  yesterday night (tuesday) all tables were full, but there were some seats available by the taps.  it’s not a big deal though, as I’m usually on my feet checking out their fridges or shelves.
  • I have also noticed that city beer has good prices compared to their competition.  many times I will go here to price out somewhat hard to find beers that are going for a few bucks more at other places.  the owners are great too, very friendly and accomodating.
  • CB started with the bruery’s hottenroth berliner weiss, which is a great example of the style.  word on the street is that they are planning on bottling this one, so that is something to keep an eye out for.
  • I ordered up a mini-flight of dogfish head palo santo marron 2008&2009.  the ’09 was a little hot, but not overwhelmingly so.  I dont normally drink  a lot of browns, but I’m glad these guys got poured, they were definitely tasty.
  • to finish off the night, a bottle of allagash victoria 2009 was popped.  when we ordered up the bottle, CB asked me what style it was, and I told him we’d have to figure it out firsthand.  However, after a few sips, I was still at a loss.  beer advocate labels it a “belgian strong pale.”  it was very drinkable (kinda sweet and fruity) with a floral aroma, but I  don’t think I’m gonna be stocking up in the near future.
  • the best part about drinking at city beer? I left with a fresh bottle of fantome saison, cantillon cuvee des champions, new belgium la folie, Brouwerij Van Steenberge’s monk’s cafe, and ichtegem’s grand cru!

palo santo flight

back fridge

allagash victoria