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LA beer week kickoff at naja’s

Monday, October 18th, 2010

LA beer week has officially come to a close, and I’m sure many unique and tasty brews were poured and enjoyed.

  • the only event I was able to make was the stone kickoff party at naja’s place.  even though I saw ads for this event in celebrator and other beer publications, I thought that the event would be similar in size to their IPA festival.
  • my hopes for short lines was dashed, however, when AP and turned the corner on the pier and saw a line of people snaking out the door.  ML called from inside and confirmed the worst case scenario: the line was not for entry, but for getting a beer at the bar!
  • overwhelmed with enochlophobia, I staggered away, looking for an alternative.  KEGS, an oft overlooked bar a stone’s throw away, seemed like a decent choice.
  • KEGS would probably thrive in an average commercial environment – they have a solid tap selection and great service, although the place is a little cramped.  the only oversight the KEGS founders made was to set up a small space with a decent tap lineup and live music literally one hundred yards from one of the best beer bars with live music in the world.
  • this spot turned out to be a great place to wait out the crowd at naja’s, with favorites like racer 5 and gordon being poured.  after a couple hours, it was time to head home, but our group made the mistake of walking past naja’s, which was now at half capacity, on the way out.  AP saw the look of longing on my face and crumbled, so we stopped in for a quick peek.
  • darren, jay, and martin were all still in shock from the huge turnout, but luckily they were still pouring some rarities.  after sampling ’07 barrel-aged old guardian (or was it 07.07.07?) and their 9th anniversary ale, I cemented next morning’s headache and took off.
  • note to self – the beer scene has arrived in full in LA.  it was awesome to see so much socal support for a beer bar great.

21st amendment monk’s blood

Thursday, January 28th, 2010

the can in the glass

even though I slept on monk’s blood, 21st amendment’s latest canned offering, for a few months, I still managed to score a 4-pack at the bevmo on van ness last week.

  • monk’s blood is a great addition to shaun o’sullivan’s lineup.  it is a very clean beer and remarkably drinkable for a belgian strong.
  • in fact, the beer drinks like a 5% abv beer, when in reality it clocks in at 8.3% abv.  I can see someone knocking down the whole 4-pack before they wise up.
  • I would recommend grabbing a couple cubes of this brew along with some gordon and tossing em in the cooler to mingle with the usual suspects at a BBQ, if only for the reaction from the BMC crowd when they crack one open.
  • you might want to get this brew while you can though, I guess it’s a limited run.  hopefully 21A will keep releasing canned specialties to complement their existing lineup (maybe toss a barleywine in there?)

monk's blood packaging

monk's blood

oskar blues gordon

Wednesday, September 9th, 2009

oskar blues gordon

I think it’s fair to say that oskar bluesgordon is one of my favorite beers.  In fact, I have been buying these little green cans more than any other beer lately.

  • funny thing is, I’m not exactly sure of the beer’s style.  oskar blues describes it as “a hybrid version of strong ale, somewhere between an Imperial Red and a Double IPA” that “[w]e make… with six different malts and three types of hops, then dry-hop… with a mutha lode of Amarillo hops.”  works for me.
  • this beer has an unbelieveable malt backbone with the perfect sticky hop balance.
  • it’s also very smooth, and hides its alcohol well.
  • the kicker is that the beer is in cans.  not only is it way easier to pack and more widely accessible as a result, it also protects the beer from light and other harmful elements.  I’m excited to see more breweries doing this.
  • my only gripe?  at every festival I have been to as of late, the oskar blues booth (or was it their distributor’s booth?) has been doling out pours of their beers from cans.  don’t get me wrong, I’m still appreciative of their support of such events, but would it hurt to kick out a keg every now and then?
  • a little trivia – the beer is named after Gordon Knight, and the hotlink is definitely worth a read.

oskar blues gordon in glass

oskar blues gordon can