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new belgium la folie

Monday, December 7th, 2009

la folie bottle

over thanksgiving AP and I brought a couple of interesting brews over to her aunt and uncle’s place to drink during some football games.

  • we both decided that la folie, a flanders red from new belgium, would get some reactions and be an interesting conversation piece.
  • la folie is definitely a crowd favorite at overcarbed headquarters – it has very well balanced vinegary tartness that is refreshing and not overwhelming, with a great oaky malt backbone.
  • in fact, when it comes to the style, I actually prefer this colorado offering to many from the source.  it is a consistently awesome beer, and is now surprisingly obtainable thanks to the lips of faith distribution series.  recommended pairings can be found here.
  • were EP and TP fans?  judging from comments such as “are you trying to poison me?!” and an allusion to “donkey piss,” I think they might need a few more glasses to get a better idea of the style 😉

la folie in the glass

ichtegem’s grand cru

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009

ichtegem in the glass

last week AP opened up one of her favorites, ichtegem’ grand cru from brouwerij strubbe.

  • beeradvocate classifies this beer as a flanders red ale, ,but it pours and tastes more like a flanders oud bruin (this is confirmed by one of the reviewers on beeradvocate).
  • I really dig this beer – it has a great sourness and although it may not be as complex as other oud bruins it is very drinkable.  definitely worth a pour if it’s ever available.

ichtegem's grand cru

ichtegem's grand cru