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weissbier, apricots, and a funk/sour tasting lineup

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011

last week JF and I got around to kegging my trappist weiss.

  • due to an unfortunate slip-up (literally) during the brew, I was unable to grab the starting gravity of the brew, but the end result has the characteristic cloudiness and fruity/banana aroma of a classic weissbier.  it will be interesting to see what dimensions the trappist yeast strain adds to the mix.

additionally, after expressing interest in DP and PP’s apricot tree, they agreed to let me harvest some of this year’s crop for brewing purposes.

  • fifteen minutes and a six-foot ladder netted my a few pounds of ripe apricots that I vacuum-sealed froze for future use.  hopefully I can work them into one of my sours (maybe by brewing a few extra gallons of a low-gravity blonde and racking it on top of them in a three-gallon better bottle?)

also, CB took a trip down from SF this weekend, and brought some goodies along to share.

  • we tried his 100% brett brew, along with his saison bottled with white labs sour mix I and his two-year old flanders.  the brett ale was slightly tart, remarkably clean, and sessionable, while the saison was spicy with some earthy funk and some fruit on the nose (it was interesting to compare it to my version, which had pretty much the same malt bill but had bugs added much earlier).
  • the flanders was truly wild – our guess was wild yeast included with a homegrown cherry addition took over and dominated secondary fermentation.  the beer tasted and smelled strongly of roses/blossoming flowers, and completely dominated a jar of starter wort that we had been pitching dregs into (including heavy hitters like framboise de amorosa, upright’s six, and cigar city’s sea bass (which was my favorite of the night)).  thanks again for the tasty brews CB!