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Monday, August 24th, 2009

stone 13th and friends at father's office

stone 13th and friends at father's office

More specifically, I guess I went to Father’s Office Santa Monica, since there is now another (evidently bigger) one a little ways away.  A few years back, FO surprised me with some great beers and burgers, as well as an enormous crowd.  Well, the place didn’t disappoint in any of those areas on Saturday.

  • I forgot that you order both food and beers at the bar, so have a friend claim a table (if there are any left) while you order up.
  • this place is both small and popular, so try to come at an off hour.  i came with some friends at 3ish on a Saturday and my buddy grabbed the last table in the joint.  also, parking is a pain in the ass during the week, FYI.
  • evidently, the bartenders pride themselves on beer recommendations.  One of them recommended a tripel to my buddy after he told her he liked his first pint of new belgium’s dandelion beer.  I found the recommendation odd at first but now i guess it was accurate enough.
  • I started off with RR’s perdition.  Pretty decent, I’m not really a biere de garde fan but i figured i would give it a shot.  One BA review of this beer i relate with: “Like I can turn down a RR tap I haven’t had yet?… Those RR guys make very good beers, and really craft them. This was certainly not one of my favorites, but it’s still very well-made” (callmescraps).
  • I finished off with stone’s 13th anniversary.  I LOVE this beer, it’s the quintessential “california beer” to me.  they should do like sublimely self-righteous and make it seasonal instead of a one-time deal.  time to stock up at bevmo in case that never happens.
the bar at FO
perdition, etc.