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edinburgh castle

Monday, October 12th, 2009

the bar at edinburgh castle

last week CB and I made a quick pit stop at edinburgh castle for a pint.

  • it had been a while since I last stopped by this place.  in fact, edinburgh castle was one of the first bars I visited in the city before I moved up.
  • the place was a little worse for wear since my last visit (busted windows, etc.), but the bar was just as I remembered – comfortable and dark.
  • speaking of dark, we both went with a classic bay area brew – death and taxes, a pitch-black schwarzbier from moonlight.  this beer has great roasted malt and dark chocolate flavors but also drinks like a session lager – it’s pretty amazing.
  • like the bar, this brew was one of the first local beers I tried as a visitor to the area years back that really opened my eyes to the potential of the beer scene here.
  • in fact, this place is one of the few I know of that consistently has death and taxes on draft, which is reason enough to head out there.

death and taxes at edinburgh castle