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double IPA brew day at CB’s

Monday, January 11th, 2010

sweet wort no more!

the same weekend I was whipping up my partial mash IPA, CB was one-upping me with a 10-gallon all-grain double IPA brew day.

  • now outfitted with a pump and quick disconnects, CB’s brewery was ready for any challenge.
  • the pump made quick work of transferring sparge water to the HLT and transferring wort to the fermenters after cooling.
  • I rolled by during the mash, and it was only a matter of a couple hours (and a TON of hop additions) until the wort was ready to be cooled.
  • the only bottleneck left in the setup?  chilling 10 gallons of boiling wort to pitching temps takes quite some time with a 5 gallon immersion chiller.
  • however, I hear a therminator may be on the horizon, and if that is the case, CB will be able to knock out a 10 gallon all-grain batch in the the same time is takes me to whip up a partial mash brew.
  • seeing CB’s setup (and tasting the results – no more extract twang!) has convinced me that it is time to move up to all-grain: last week I picked up a turkey fryer setup and will use that and my homemade cooler mash tun to do some outdoor batch sparginganyone have any suggestions for a first batch style?

the starter and supplies

pumping wort after the boil

pumping the cool wort into the fermenters

pitching the starter

alesmith yulesmith winter 2009

Saturday, December 19th, 2009

alesmith yulesmith in the glass

when I was organizing bottles for the strong beer session, I came across a bottle of yulesmith by alesmith down in san diego that PB and NB donated to the cause a while back.

  • I assumed this brew was a strong winter warmer or barleywine based on the packaging, but further research revealed that it was in fact a highly-hopped double red.
  • in fact, the beer comes out twice a year, and is a double IPA in the summer and a double red in the winter.
  • truthfully, when I cracked open the beer and took a sniff, I thought it was a double IPA – the hop aroma was very intense and citrusy.
  • only the dark pour gave any indication that this was something else in addition to a straight up hop bomb.
  • the beer was fantastic – very well balanced, with plenty of malt to counter the hop aggressiveness.
  • I’m a big fan of alesmith – their founders started as accomplished homebrewers and made their dream a reality.  plus, it’s easy to support their cause when they put out kickass beers!

alesmith yulesmith bomber

alesmith yulesmith

hair of the dog blue dot

Thursday, November 5th, 2009

hair of the dog blue dot in the glass

I recently grabbed a bomber of blue dot, a double IPA from hair of the dog, a great brewery up in portland.

  • I first had this brew on draft when I was up in portland with AP earlier this year, and it was one of my favorites of the trip.
  • the beer had a clean malt back that wasn’t overwhelming and that emphasized strong hop bitterness and citrusy hop aroma.
  • the alcohol came out a little once the beer warmed up, but it wasn’t too aggressive.  is there such a think as a sessionable double IPA?
  • also, if you get beeradvocate magazine, be sure to check out the latest issue’s article on alan sprints, brewmaster at HOTD.

blue dot bottle detail

blue dot in the glass

blue dot bottle

lagunitas hop stoopid

Tuesday, October 27th, 2009

hop stoopid in the glass

I recently pulled out a bottle of lagunitas’ hop stoopid, a double IPA, while cooking up some BBQ.

  • this was originally called “sonoma farmhouse” hop stoopid, which confused me when I first saw it a year or two ago.
  • I kept passing this bottle by until I got into a discussion with an employee at a bevmo in LA who swore to me that hop stoopid and avery’s maharaja (one of my all-time favorites) were one and the same and that I should switch to hop stoopid for financial reasons (it is a couple bucks cheaper).
  • although the brews are somewhat different, hop stoopid is amazing in its own right.  it has an intense hop aroma that puts a smile on your face and enough malt (@8% abv) to keep the hop bitterness in check.
  • I wish I would have started picking this up earlier, since it’s price point beats out many inferior double IPAs (it’s less than $5 for a bomber, and surprisingly, many local liquor stores around here carry it).
  • I also just read that lagunitas uses hop extracts in this batch??  interesting, that’s probably how they get it up to 102 IBU on a reasonable budget, but I’m not sure how excited I am about hop extract use.  hell, it tastes great, they must be doing something right.

hop stoopid bottle

oskar blues gordon

Wednesday, September 9th, 2009

oskar blues gordon

I think it’s fair to say that oskar bluesgordon is one of my favorite beers.  In fact, I have been buying these little green cans more than any other beer lately.

  • funny thing is, I’m not exactly sure of the beer’s style.  oskar blues describes it as “a hybrid version of strong ale, somewhere between an Imperial Red and a Double IPA” that “[w]e make… with six different malts and three types of hops, then dry-hop… with a mutha lode of Amarillo hops.”  works for me.
  • this beer has an unbelieveable malt backbone with the perfect sticky hop balance.
  • it’s also very smooth, and hides its alcohol well.
  • the kicker is that the beer is in cans.  not only is it way easier to pack and more widely accessible as a result, it also protects the beer from light and other harmful elements.  I’m excited to see more breweries doing this.
  • my only gripe?  at every festival I have been to as of late, the oskar blues booth (or was it their distributor’s booth?) has been doling out pours of their beers from cans.  don’t get me wrong, I’m still appreciative of their support of such events, but would it hurt to kick out a keg every now and then?
  • a little trivia – the beer is named after Gordon Knight, and the hotlink is definitely worth a read.

oskar blues gordon in glass

oskar blues gordon can