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presidio blackberry kölsch

Tuesday, August 25th, 2009


Although the majority of the recipes I do (at the moment) are partial mash, when it comes to my kölsch recipe I do full extract.

  • to make matters worse, I get the kolsch ingredient kit from williams brewing.  I love william’s, but some people give them crap for not disclosing their ingredient proportions in their kits or labelling their hops.  It doesnt bother me much with the kolsch, i mean with one type of LME and two hop additions, it’s not that hard to reverse engineer.  I’ll figure out a comparable all-grain recipe when I switch over next year.
  • plus, williams has good prices, and best of all, they ship the same day for orders before 3pm pacific.  since they are located in san leandro (a quick shot north of SF), i get my packages from them next day for a flat rate (usually $6 or $7) ground shipping price.  they’re a great option if you’re located in the pacific northwest.
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I feel i have a special connection with kölsch.

  • Specifically, kölsch can technically only be called such if it is brewed in Cologne, Germany, where my maternal grandfather’s ancestors hail from.
  • It is the perfect session beer and is a very social beverage, being served in small, narrow glasses called  “stanges.”
  • It is also an interesting beer in that while it resembles a pilsener, it uses ale (top-fermenting) yeast and is lagered after a relatively warm primary fermentation.
  • as for the pronunciation – some places say it is “cole-sch,” others (including the bartender at suppenküche) say it is “cool-sch.” whatever.

to mix this batch up a little bit, I wandered around the Presidio picking wild blackberries.

  • according to a pamphlet i read some time back, the Presidio recommends against eating any growth in their park except for wild blackberries.
  • i ended up with a couple pounds of the fruit, enough (hopefully) to add a little color and fruit aroma to the beer.
  • additionally, i was hoping some wild yeasts on the fruit would kick off a secondary fermentation, but so far i don’t see any activity worth mentioning.

the kölsch has been in primary for about a month, with the fruit added after 2 weeks.  i am going to wait a few more weeks (to hopefully get some more color/sugars out of the fruit) and then keg the batch.