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good beers and ambitious projects (WIR 05/29-06/01)

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

this memorial day weekend I managed to sample a great variety of beers and start on some lofty projects that have been in the planning stage for quite some time.

  • on saturday I was lucky enough to find a local paintball store that filled CO2 tanks.  this made for a relatively simple fill-up, as opposed to my experience in SF.
  • I also dropped by bevmo to see if they had any eric’s ale bombers in stock.  I talked to one of their buyers and it seems they aren’t ever gonna get it in, which is unfortunate, since I was all set to pick up a case of the stuff.
  • I was treated to a tour of the bevmo coolers, however, and walked out with a bottle of parabola, a sixer of lagunitas undercover shutdown ’10, and a bottle of mikkeller’s it’s alright!
  • I cracked the it’s alright!, remembering that a tasting of it a few years ago left me a little disappointed.  I definitely liked it more the second time around – it had a ton of barnyard funk and was very refreshing.  add a little tartness to the mix and it could be a great summer beer.
  • on sunday I went with AP and the rest of the posse to naja’s for a quick beer.  the place was packed, but I managed to get a pour of dogfish’s burton baton, which was killer on a hot beach day.  it made me want to place an online order for a quick dogfish fix…
  • the rest of the weekend was spent BBQing and hacking away at one of my 2 consecutive projects, a basic 4-tap keezer.  I will post a more detailed writeup when the build is finished (hopefully by the end of the week), but for now a teaser pic will have to do.
  • as for the other project, let’s just say it has to do with doubling my brewing capacity and halving my brew time, and was inspired by CB’s sick setup.  more to come on that front as pieces to the puzzle fall into place.

the kegerator

Monday, November 30th, 2009

front of the kegerator

last week the CO2 tank in my kegerator ran out of gas, so I took some pics during the tank swap.

  • I use a standard converted sanyo 4912 fridge with two front-mounted perlick faucets (here is a great fridge conversion guide)
  • instead of a standard CO2 tank, I use 20 oz. paintball tanks with a paintball tank regulator.
  • I thought paintball tanks would be easier and cheaper to get filled, since I assumed there were more paintball tank filling places than standard tank fillers around.
  • however, it turns out that paintball tanks are being filled with a different type of gas, and as a result, there aren’t many CO2 tank filling spots around anymore.  in fact, I get my tanks filled in san jose since no one in the city fills them!  what a pain in the ass.
  • the only benefit to these smaller tanks is that I can fit 2 corny kegs and the tank in the fridge without any modifications.  plus, I naturally carb my kegs and only use CO2 to serve my brew, so a tank lasts a relatively long time.
  • however, in the future I would love to get something like a 100lb tank with a dedicated CO2 line running to a built-in bar.  I would probably need a fill-up every decade or so…

inside the kegerator

the CO2 tank

the kegs