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anchor steam beer clone brew day

Wednesday, October 21st, 2009

anchor steam clone primary fermentation

as I mentioned yesterday, for a variety of reasons I decided to brew an anchor steam beer clone.

  • after confirming a predicted temperature of less than 60F for the week, I decided that saturday would be a good day to get the ball rolling.
  • I slightly modified this clone recipe from BYO as follows:
    • 8 lbs. pale LME
    • 8 oz. crystal malt, 40° Lovibond (steep from 150-175F, then remove)
    • 2 oz. Northern Brewer hops (7.2% alpha acid): 1.5 oz. for 60 min., 0.5 oz. for 15 min.
    • 1 oz. Cascade hops (5.5% alpha acid) for 2 min.
    • Wyeast 2112 (DOA)/saflager S-23 dry lager yeast combo in starter
  • after weighing out the specialty grain…

specialty grains

  • I steeped them according to the above recipe.

steeping specialy grain

  • I added the LME at 175F and brought the wort to a boil, where I added the hops according to schedule.

hop schedule

  • after cooling the wort to the low 70sF…

cooling the wort

yeast starter

  • primary fermentation seems to be going strong in my shed – the ambient temperatue seems to be nice and cool, so I have high hopes that the wort hasn’t topped the mid-60sF.
  • after about 10 days in primary, I plan on lagering in my kegerator for a couple months.  cross your fingers!

homebrewed belgian quadrupel

Tuesday, October 6th, 2009

belgian quad straight from the tap

about a year ago I decided to brew one of my favorite styles – a belgian quadrupel.

  • I love the general complexity, intense flavor, and alcohol bite of a well-made quad.  some of my favorite (accessible) quads are pannepot old fisherman’s ale, st. bernardus abt 12, and rochefort 10.
  • I especially enjoy the “cola” flavors of the 10, so I initially was planning on brewing a clone of that brew, but BYO came out with an extract clone recipe for the abt 12 that looked too good to pass up.  I can’t find that issue for the life of me, but I managed to find the all-grain counterpart online:
    • St. Bernardus 12
    • OG=1.103
    • FG.=1.017

      10#’s Pilsener malt
      3.0 #’s Munich malt
      1.0 #’s aromatic malt
      0.5 #’s Carafa Special III malt
      3.0 #’s Belgian candi syrup (Dark 2) (15 min)
      3.5 AAU Wye Challenger hops
      (60 min) (0.50 oz. 7% alpha acids)
      1.3 AAU Styrian Goldings (20 min)
      (0.25 oz. of 5% alpha acid)
      Wyeast 3787 (Trappist High Gravity) yeast

      Step by Step:
      Mash with a 15 minute rest at 135 deg.F, a 35 minute rest at 145 deg F, and a 25 minute rest at 165 deg F, a 5 minutes at 172 deg F. Boil wort for 60 minutes, adding hops and sugars at times indicated in the ingredient list. Cool wort and aerate. Pitch yeast at 70 deg. F. Let fermentation temperature rise to around 83 deg F. Rack beer to secondary and condition for six to eight weeks at 50 deg. F. Carbonate to 3.0 – 3.5 volumes of CO2.

  • I remember that I may have substituted 1762 for the 3787, but it was a while back.  both yeasts seem great for this brew.
  • A few weeks back I tapped the keg (after close to a year in secondary), and was definitely satisfied with the results.  The beer has a fruity, mildly alcoholic nose, and is smooth and drinkable with good mouthfeel.  The taste has hints of cola and molasses, has fine carbonation, and leaves a sticky sweet finish in the glass.  There is plenty of this beer left, and you can only drink so much at a time, but I am already dreading the eventual kicking of this keg!

quad in the glass

top view of the quad