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lagunitas lumpy gravy

Friday, October 16th, 2009

lumpy gravy in the bottle

last night I cracked open a bottle of lumpy gravy, a beer brewed by lagunitas to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the album of the same name.

  • lumpy gravy is classified on as a 7.2% brown ale.
  • however, the beer has a dark ruby color, with a malt nose and molasses and raisin flavors.  it also has a thick, coating mouthfeel and a hint of alcohol warmth.
  • I’m no BJCP judge, but if it had a little stronger malt backbone I would call it a belgian-inspired barleywine.
  • as it stands, however, the beer is pretty much outside any classic beer style (not unlinke other lagunitas offerings) – I love the creativity!
  • for me, this was definitely a departure from lagunitas’ traditional offerings, and anyone that complains that “all lagunitas beers taste the same” (it’s the yeast!) should definitely try this out.  I should have grabbed a few more bottles of this before it disappeared.
  • as for the zappa series, tony magee was quoted as saying: “We will be doing a label every nine months or so as the other (Zappa album) anniversaries come up.  Next, Absolutely Free next summer, then Lumpy Gravy and We’re Only In It For The Money, Uncle Meat, Hot Rats and so on and so on and so on. … Fun, it is!”
  • however, I thought I read somewhere that they were calling it quits on the tribute series, but I can’t find the source…

lumpy gravy label

glass of lumpy gravy

aerial lumpy gravy shot

all-grain brown ale brew day at CB’s

Monday, September 14th, 2009

3-tiered setup

early saturday afternoon I rolled over to CB’s to hang out and see his new all-grain setup in action.

  • he had saved the yeast cake from a biere de noel he had made about a week ago, and had made a starter with it the day before.  the starter was over 1000 mL and was showing heavy activity by the time I got there.
  • CB was brewing a brown ale, and despite the fact that I had a camera in hand pretty much the entire time I was over there, I didnt manage to get the recipe recorded.  I know it called for a few ounces of EKG hops…

the brew sheet

  • I got there about halfway through the sparge.  CB uses fly sparging, which appeared to work very well.

fly sparge

  • once CB reached a pre-boil volume of 6.5 gallons, he stopped the sparge and fired up the burner on his turkey fryer.  it took less than 20 minutes to get to a rolling boil (way faster than my stovetop method!).

boil kettle

  • after boiling down to 5 gallons, CB used an immersion chiller to get to pitching temps and pitched the starter.  the brew was on its way.

cooling the wort with an immersion chiller

pitching the starter

  • CB uses a custom 3-tier cooler system put together by the people over at morebeer! I’ll save my rant about them for another day, but CB has always received great service from those guys.
  • CB has his system pretty fine-tuned – he chalked up over 85% efficiency with this batch!  his OG was 1.067.
  • the best part about heading over to CB’s?  not only did TB and I indulge in some great beers, but we also had house-made salami, cheddar, and ricotta as well as some great veggies picked minutes previous from his garden.  what a spread!

kettle POV

the boil