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amber kegging, brewing with basil

Wednesday, October 26th, 2011

this last week’s brewing activities included some of the old and a little of the new.

  • last weekend I managed to keg and bottle AP’s amber ale.  the beer finished at 1.014 for an approximate abv of 5.4%.  I stashed some of the s-04 slurry in one of  a bunch of autoclavable bottles I scored through homebrewfinds, one of my new favorite blogs.  these inexpensive bottles are easy to clean and are perfect for yeast storage.
  • while I was kegging the amber, I ran through some ideas for an upcoming local “homegrown” saison.  I already had local hops and yeast, but needed something to distinguish my saison and give it a truly unique character.
  • inspiration came while deadheading my basil to keep it from going to seed.  when I smelled the fistful of blooms in my hand, their pungent spiciness let me to immediately vacuum seal them for future use.  after a little research, I confirmed that not only are the blooms used in everyday cooking, but basil has been experimented with in various homebrews with great success.
  • as a result, the ingredient lineup for my homegrown saison now includes homegrown heirloom basil blooms and some orange zest from our backyard tree (and maybe some local honey), all of which will likely be added at flame-out.  now I just need to fit in a brew day…