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second annual IPA festival at naja’s place

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

naja’s place just had their second annual IPA festival, and it was pretty epic.

  • I was impressed not only by the beer selection, but also by the organization of the event and the friendliness of everyone involved.
  • AP and I rolled up early (4:15ish) to find a line to the door about 15 people long.  I think we hit the wait apex, however, since the line dissolved in about five minutes (thank god) and never reappeared from what I could see.
  • in general, the whole LA beer scene feels pretty relaxed when compared to the capacity crowd events happening in SF these days.  case in point – my buddy ML stopped by a few hours into the event and was still able to snag a pour of coveted pliny the younger.  in fact, I don’t think any keg kicked before I left at around 7.
  • this keg longevity was facilitated by the fact that festival glasses held only a few ounces.  this turned out to be a great idea, as it allowed for tastings of a wide variety of beers, instead of getting burned out on a full pour of some 10% hop bomb.
  • between AP, AP, ML, and myself, we managed to try a pretty wide variety of beers: avery’s maharaja ’08, ballast point’s tongue buckler and dry-hopped sculpin cask, bootlegger’s knuckle sandwich, firestone walker’s double jack, flying dog’s double dog and raging bitch, marin’s brass knuckle, russian river’s pliny the younger, tustin’s death by hops, and strand brewing’s double dry hopped 24th st. pale.  phew!
  • standouts for me were the cask sculpin, which had a great aroma and finish, even after half a dozen pours; and marin’s brass knuckle, which had a unique finish that I can only compare to instant iced tea.  weird, but good.  bootlegger’s knuckle sandwich was pretty intense, with a strong malt back that was refreshingly different.
  • yeah, younger was good too, and was well-balanced, but I expected a little less alcohol heat on the finish.  maybe a fresher sample would have enough hop aroma to tackle that.
  • overall, this was one of the best beer events I have been to.  I don’t think I waited longer than a minute to get any of my pours, there was plenty of water available, and the bathroom line was nonexistent.  we got a table with zero effort, and had pretzels and other snacks on constant refill.  I felt like I had won the beer lottery.

lagunitas hop stoopid

Tuesday, October 27th, 2009

hop stoopid in the glass

I recently pulled out a bottle of lagunitas’ hop stoopid, a double IPA, while cooking up some BBQ.

  • this was originally called “sonoma farmhouse” hop stoopid, which confused me when I first saw it a year or two ago.
  • I kept passing this bottle by until I got into a discussion with an employee at a bevmo in LA who swore to me that hop stoopid and avery’s maharaja (one of my all-time favorites) were one and the same and that I should switch to hop stoopid for financial reasons (it is a couple bucks cheaper).
  • although the brews are somewhat different, hop stoopid is amazing in its own right.  it has an intense hop aroma that puts a smile on your face and enough malt (@8% abv) to keep the hop bitterness in check.
  • I wish I would have started picking this up earlier, since it’s price point beats out many inferior double IPAs (it’s less than $5 for a bomber, and surprisingly, many local liquor stores around here carry it).
  • I also just read that lagunitas uses hop extracts in this batch??  interesting, that’s probably how they get it up to 102 IBU on a reasonable budget, but I’m not sure how excited I am about hop extract use.  hell, it tastes great, they must be doing something right.

hop stoopid bottle

burger bar SF, rogue wet hop

Monday, October 19th, 2009

tap selection at burger bar sf

on friday AP and I went over to the burger bar (inside of macy’s at union square) opening night to see if we could score some burgers and good brews.

  • I was a big fan of the burger bar in vegas, so I had pretty high expectations right off the bat.
  • when we got there, the place was packed (not surprisingly), so we left to get food elsewhere and came back a few hours later (after 10pm) to meet CB and TG for a round.
  • the place was still pretty crowded, but CB and TG had managed to grab a couple bar stools.
  • unfortunately, although the tap selection seemed decent (with a lot of local representation), the bottle selection was slim at best.
  • when I later overheard the bartender describing avery’s white rascal as “sort of an amber, like an oktoberfest,” we all urged TG to finish his pint of duvel green/draft so we could get out of there.

tap selection at burger bar sf

a little irritated by our experience at burger bar, we all rolled over to a safe bet, rogue pub.

rogue halloween setup

  • I had a score to settle, so right off the bat I ordered up a dry hop red on draft to compare to my last review.  I hate to say it, but my initial comments still stand – weak malt backbone and little hop aroma.
  • while we were relaxing on rogue’s great back patio, TG came back with a round of rogue’s wet hop offering.  the beer had a great mellow hop aroma and could easily stand it’s ground with the other wet hop beers we tried last wednesday at toronado.
  • according to this link, the wet hop brew comes from chatoe rogue, a spinoff that uses proprietary hops and malts and that will be putting out other beers such as “Pinot Envy Ale, Dirtoir Ale, Single Malt Ale, and OREgasmic Ale.”  sounds interesting.

beers on the rogue patio

wet hop ale inside rogue

wet hop ale with bomber

catching up on celebrator at rogue