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the jug shop russian river night

Saturday, February 20th, 2010

the russian river lineup

last friday AP and I met up with CB and TB over at the jug shop for their russian river night.

  • I had never been to the jug shop before, despite positive reviews from CB.  I had no idea how large it was!
  • I also didn’t expect such an eclectic selection of brews on the shelves – there were many I had never seen before, and some that had disappeared from other spots in the city long ago (atlantic IPA anyone?).  I was impressed.
  • as for the tasting lineup, favorites such as consecration (batches 1-3), temptation (batch 4×3), and my personal favorite, beatification (batch 2), were poured, along with supplication (batch 4×3), damnation (batch 54)/batch 23, and salvation (batches 5 and 9).  oh yeah, and some blind pig and pliny as well.  it was killer.
  • the tasting area was thoroughly packed, so we just ended up tasting the offerings while hanging out in the aisles, where there was plenty of room.  the crowd was jovial and relaxed, and it never took more than a minute to get a pour (thanks AP!).  I liked how the staff announced each new brew as it was popped and made sure everyone had their fill before moving on.
  • although the selection wasn’t as thorough as, say, toronado’s russian river night, the small, fun crowd and great price ($25!) made this event a winner.  plus, any more brews in the lineup probably would have buried me for the night.

artsy fartsy

the crowd

one of the many rounds

brewdog punk IPA

Friday, September 25th, 2009

punk IPA closeup

I recently cracked open a punk IPA from scottish brewery brewdog.

  • I recently read about brewdog in an issue of beeradvocate and was intrigued not only by how young the head brewer looked, but also by the wide variety of brews they were putting out and the interesting techniques they use (lots of whiskey casks – figures!).
  • they have also been in the press recently for putting out pretty some outrageous brews (atlantic IPA or tokyo anyone?).
  • punk IPA is hopped with a couple of hops I don’t see in commercial beers to often: ahtanum and nelson sauvin (a high alpha-acid new zealand hop with wine grape-like aroma).  I have been looking to get some nelson sauvin for a while, so I was interested in seeing the results it produced.
  • unfortunately, I was a little disappointed by this IPA.  I’m not sure if I’ve been brainwashed by mega hoppy west coast IPAs, or if my palate was destroyed by earlier beers of the day, but punk IPA seemed a little too light/watery to me. it was like an east coast IPA without the malt backbone.  it might be a good idea for a hot summer BBQ beer, but I’m not sure when I’m gonna pick this guy up again.

punk IPA bottle

punk IPA