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Wednesday, April 11th, 2012

after topping up my lambic solera barrel with a gallon or two of my turbid mash lambic, I had a couple of gallons left over to mess around with.

  • remembering that I had harvested and frozen some local apricots from last season, I chopped them up, tossed them in a three-gallon fermenter, and racked a little over two gallons of lambic onto them.
  • my inspiration came from cantillon’s excellent fou’ foune, an apricot lambic that has become impossible to find around these parts.  I debated including the pits of the fruit in the fermenter, as they are supposed to impart a more intense apricot flavor, but after reading some articles about cyanide (read the comments!) I decided against it.  I’m planning on keeping the lambic on the fruit from six months to a year, based on my schedule and the results of occasional tastings.

on another note, after dropping off a couple bottles of my winter saison in culver city for a homebrew competition, AP and I continued north to agoura hills and ladyface ale companie.

  • in addition to a great bar and even better outdoor patio, ladyface has a comprehensive tap list, with great guest taps and numerous in-house brews.  after running through a sampler flight of all their offerings, standouts included their chesebro IPA on cask and their russian lullaby imperial stout.  I enjoyed their barrel-aged trebuchet as well, especially sitting outside on a hot day, but I felt as though something was missing from the beer (it felt a little one-dimensional and light, with a very slight sourness).
  • I found out later that the fermentation was intentionally limited to lacto to avoid any “barnyard” character, which I find a little confusing for a farmhouse beer.  also, the beer was close to 9% and the lacto was likely added after primary fermentation, which also seems odd to me, since lacto has trouble after around a 7% abv environment.  despite these small critiques, ladyface definitely delivered an enjoyable experience, and I look forward to returning the next time I am in the area.