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ventura, dodger stadium

Wednesday, July 18th, 2012

last weekend AP and I threw together a last-minute day trip up to ventura.

  • after battling unexpectedly heavy traffic on our way up, we finally broke free and made it over to surf brewery, a roomy brew pub that just celebrated its first anniversary.  we sat down with some take-out from a local deli and ordered up a flight of their current offerings – all were pretty decent, with their vienna lager and anniversary brown being the most memorable.
  • I was also excited to see a well-stocked homebrew store on premises that had a thorough yeast and specialty grain selection.  there’s nothing quite like planning out your next brew day and filling your grain bill while tossing back some local brews.  in fact, I’m surprised more craft breweries don’t offer at least a basic selection of homebrew supplies for sale that they already buy in bulk (e.g., base malt, common hop varieties, etc.).
  • after decompressing at surf, AP assigned a time limit and dropped me off at the wine castle to quickly peruse their inventory.  the store owner and employees were very enthusiastic and helpful, and their cooler selection was killer, with beers like new belgium’s brett beer and sculpin highlighting the lineup.  their bourbon selection was quite impressive to boot.
  • once AP dragged me out of the bodega, we headed to main street.  after battling the crowds and mediocre service at winchesters grill, we walked over to anacapa brewing for some consolation.  after pairing some decent food with some passable house brews, we decided our time was up and hit the road.
  • ventura was fun, but I have a feeling that next time we head up in that direction the superior beer and food scene in santa barbara might merit the extra 45-minute drive.

on another note, I was taken by surprise last weekend when ML went on a beer run at dodger stadium and came back with a couple healthy pours of firestone walker DBA (I was expecting an ice cold budweiser to go with my dodger dog).  after perusing several articles berating the poor beer selection at the stadium, I guess other dodger fans have higher expectations than myself (although I wouldn’t complain if some eagle rock or ladyface taps appear…).