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21st amendment monk’s blood

Thursday, January 28th, 2010

the can in the glass

even though I slept on monk’s blood, 21st amendment’s latest canned offering, for a few months, I still managed to score a 4-pack at the bevmo on van ness last week.

  • monk’s blood is a great addition to shaun o’sullivan’s lineup.  it is a very clean beer and remarkably drinkable for a belgian strong.
  • in fact, the beer drinks like a 5% abv beer, when in reality it clocks in at 8.3% abv.  I can see someone knocking down the whole 4-pack before they wise up.
  • I would recommend grabbing a couple cubes of this brew along with some gordon and tossing em in the cooler to mingle with the usual suspects at a BBQ, if only for the reaction from the BMC crowd when they crack one open.
  • you might want to get this brew while you can though, I guess it’s a limited run.  hopefully 21A will keep releasing canned specialties to complement their existing lineup (maybe toss a barleywine in there?)

monk's blood packaging

monk's blood

21st amendment, ESB tasting

Friday, September 11th, 2009

21st amendment layout

last night AP, CB, and I rolled over to 21st amendment for a few pints.

  • the original motivation for use to head over was the tapping of a cask of ESB from elizabeth street brewery (ESB, natch), a small homebrew operation in noe valley.
  • ESB seems to have a good deal going, they brew 10 gal. all-grain batches and have a little pub set up where neighbors and friends can roll by for a complimentary brew.  hopefully I’ll be able to make it by for a beer one of these days.
  • they were invited by shaun at 21st to brew a commercial batch of their ESB for the GABF pro-am competition, which is now on draft at the brewery.
  • CB and I sided up to the bar just in time to see the last of the 10 gallon firkin kick.  ah well, we ordered a couple of draft pints instead.  the ESB tasted true to style and was very drinkable.  what can I say though, I’m still partial to my ESB on draft back at the place.
  • after that pint we headed upstairs for some food and a couple more brews.  AP tried out the ESB, while CB and I had a couple antiquated IPAs.
  • since they were out of double trouble IPA,  I finished off the night with a classic brew free or die IPA, while CB had a monk’s blood.
  • 21st amendment has great food and equally impressive beers, but the thing I like most about the place is shaun o’sullivan, co-founder and brewmaster.  every time I run into him he always takes the time to shoot it with me for a minute or two, even though I know he has no clue who this random beer geek is that’s talking to him.

enjoying a round

antiquated IPA

mobile tap/bottle list updates

Tuesday, September 1st, 2009


I doubt I’m the only guy who walks into a beer bar in the city and wishes he had a tap/bottle list available on his cell phone.  I always manage to block traffic or invade someone’s personal space as I scan the taps/chalkboard/etc. for the right brew. Sometimes I panic and go for a safe bet, then kick myself when I see something interesting that I overlooked.

  • city beer store has the occasional email update, and dave over at healthy spirits updates his blog on a regular basis, but I think we still have a way to go in this area.
  • the thing is, the idea of a mobile tap broadcast isn’t new. check out taplister, a user-updated bar database that is accessible via SMS and twitter and is optimized for mobile access.  they even have a live video feed of a bar’s chalkboard.  only thing is, it’s available only in Portland at the moment, and I don’t think it gets updated that often (Higgins has zero beers on tap? hmmm…).  a basic rundown can be found here.
  • on top of that, there’s this affiliated program called beer signal that enables you to tell your friends where you are imbibing real-time so they can meet up.  this could be a great way to organize a city beer store session after work or to promote a happy hour.
  • I figure some beer lover in SF could easily throw together a mobile web app (and maybe an accompanying iphone app) for the city in the same vein as taplister, but with even more features.  individuals could update and view existing tap lists using their phones, and the app could even link existing taps to style descriptions or even beeradvocate ratings to allow for more informed beer selections.
  • i had also read somewhere that one or two individual bars in portland have released proprietary mobile programs where they update their beer selection.  I would definitley prefer a more universal application, but I wonder how long it will take before toronado, magnolia, or 21st amendment jump on board and start offering similar services…
  • for other somewhat interesting phone beer apps, check out here and here.