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lagunitas 2009 correction ale

Wednesday, October 7th, 2009

2009 correction ale

last night I cracked open a bottle of 2009 correction ale from lagunitas, an IPA that had been released in april but that I had been sitting on for months.

  • after popping the top and taking a sip, I immediately regretted not doing this earlier so that I could have stocked up on more of this brew.
  • this IPA has a huge hop aroma and bite (even after sitting for half a year!) without leaving any lingering bitterness on the tongue.
  • it is also balanced and quite drinkable at 6.3%.
  • although I regret not having this as a go-to beer of the summer, I can at least have a little solace after stocking up on some bombers of a little sumpin’ extra (review to come).

2009 correction ale bottle

2009 correction ale in the glass