papadakis taverna

one last brew at the taverna

last sunday marked the end of an era.

  • papadakis taverna closed its doors after 37 years of business in san pedro, CA.
  • my first “date” with AP went down at the taverna more than a decade ago.  hell, JP greeted my mom with a kiss at the front door of the taverna before I was even born.
  • I have many great memories from evenings there, whether I was dressed in a tux or a hoodie and jeans.
  • even though I never did more than clean a couple glasses or arrange some place settings, I felt lucky to be a part of such a great establishment.  despite its wild popularity, the taverna was always inviting and comfortable, and I always felt at home there.  it will definitely be missed.

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  1. Rajat Says:

    shame, wasn’t this one of the main reasons you married AP? Why did they close the restaurant?

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