21st amendment monk’s blood

the can in the glass

even though I slept on monk’s blood, 21st amendment’s latest canned offering, for a few months, I still managed to score a 4-pack at the bevmo on van ness last week.

  • monk’s blood is a great addition to shaun o’sullivan’s lineup.  it is a very clean beer and remarkably drinkable for a belgian strong.
  • in fact, the beer drinks like a 5% abv beer, when in reality it clocks in at 8.3% abv.  I can see someone knocking down the whole 4-pack before they wise up.
  • I would recommend grabbing a couple cubes of this brew along with some gordon and tossing em in the cooler to mingle with the usual suspects at a BBQ, if only for the reaction from the BMC crowd when they crack one open.
  • you might want to get this brew while you can though, I guess it’s a limited run.  hopefully 21A will keep releasing canned specialties to complement their existing lineup (maybe toss a barleywine in there?)

monk's blood packaging

monk's blood

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