ballast point sculpin

sculpin IPA

during one of CB’s past brew sessions, he whipped out a bottle of ballast point‘s sculpin to sample during the sparge.

  • sculpin is a limited-release IPA with a reputation for great drinkability and balance.
  • after having it on draft and in the bottle, I would have to agree – the beer is a great example of an IPA, with a great citrusy hop aroma and bitter finish that is strong but not overwhelming.
  • I’m not sure why this is a limited release, but if ballast point made this a mainstay (and charged a little less for a bomber), it could be their pliny the elder.  I don’t know why a kickass IPA has to be a “limited release” (unless there’s some fresh hop action going on that I am unaware of).
  • FYI – check out the info on the sculpin namesake.

sculpin IPA

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