anchor small beer

small beer in the glass

lately I have been picking up as many bottles of anchor brewing’s small beer as I can handle.

  • the beer gets a crappy rating on beeradvocate, which categorizes it as an american pale ale.
  • however, this beer is definitely not an APA – it is a small beer (see bottom of article), a brew made with the second runnings of a stronger beer, following an ages-old practice that is pretty much extinct in modern brewing, craft or otherwise.
  • the beer is crisp, well-carbonated, and bitter, and is perfect for a hot day in the park, clocking in at a modest 3.3% abv.
  • it is also a great beer to drink to reflect on brewing tradition.  in taste and aroma, the graininess of the brew is more pronounced than in standard beers, and is reminiscent of sniffing an open mash tun or taking a sip of some sweet wort.
  • the homebrew geek in me loves what this beer stands for and agrees with anchor that “the idea of reviving an ancient brewing tradition… is something of great importance.”
  • if you see this beer around, give it a shot! it is an inexpensive history lesson and a great way to cool off.

small beer closeup

glass of small beer

small beer bottle

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