de molen storm & averij

DH pouring up the storm and averij

last weekend I rolled by DH and JQ’s to hang out and have a beer or two.

  • JQ got a line on some great beers through a specialty store down in the south bay, and while I was over they popped open a bottle of something I had never seen before – storm & averij, a double IPA from brouwerij de molen in the netherlands.
  • after a little research, I realized that this was the same brewery that puts out rasputin (a beer I found on draft in amsterdam a while back) and hel & verdoemenis (a bottle CB has been sitting on for a while), among several other impressive brews.
  • as a bit of trivia, evidently the guys from de molen (“the mill”) brew in a 300-year old windmill with re-purposed dairy machinery.
  • storm & averij (“storm & damage”) is a great double IPA – it has a malty backbone that is not too sweet and that fully supports the hops and yeast, which were earthy and slightly spicy (the beer is dry-hopped with czech premiant hops).  the beer had a creamy mouthfeel and definitely approached the style from a different angle.  it also hides its 9.2% abv impressively.
  • this is definitely a beer to take to an IPA session to really get some people talking about the style.  I hear it’s pretty pricey though, so I don’t know if you could do it that often.

storm & averij bottle

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