partial mash IPA brew day

sweet, sweet wort...

on sunday CB rolled by and I whipped up an IPA using a partial mash recipe I formulated based on a couple of sources.

  • additionally, I slightly modified the hop bill from my very first brew session (a recipe from robert over at what used to be fermentation frenzy):
    • 1oz. columbus @ 75
    • 1oz. columbus @ 55
    • 1oz. columbus @ 20
    • 1oz. amarillo @ 10
    • 1.5oz. amarillo @ 0
    • dry-hop 1.5oz amarillo, 1oz. columbus
  • my batch sparge went fine – I added a little over a gallon of 160F water to the mash, resulting in a mash temp of around 152F.  I mashed for an hour and sparged with the same amount of water at the same temp.
  • it had been a little while since I had cracked out my scratch-built mash tun, and the little guy worked like a dream.  in fact, I am debating picking up a turkey fryer and boil pot and doing some all-grain beers with it in the near future…
  • the hop schedule was originally @60, 40, 15, 5, and 0, but things got a little hairy during bottling of my imperial espresso stout (lowdown to come) and the boil got inadvertently extended.
  • my starter of wyeast cali 1 was bubbling along nicely, and after a shot of O2 and some healthy yeast, fermentation kicked off in no time.
  • I plan on tossing the dry hops into primary next week, and kegging a week or so after that.

the grain bill

heating the strike water

close to optimal mash temps

the stovetop lineup

my high-tech runoff

closeup of second runnings

the leftovers

tossing in the starter

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