fantôme de noël

fantome de noel in the glass

a while back CB busted out a bottle of fantome de noel, fantome’s holiday brew.

  • although past descriptions of this beer talk about coriander, black pepper, and roasted malt, the beer seems fairly light to me, like a true saison.
  • CB must have gotten a good bottle – the clean fruitiness of this brew was outstanding, much like a good bottle of their standard saison, which is one of my all-time favorites.
  • the beer also had an excellent tart finish and was very refreshing.  10% abv? where did all the alcohol go? sometimes I think Dany just makes those numbers up for laughs…
  • I can see this bottle getting broken out as a great alternative to the standard winter warmer, or getting stashed away for a hot summer BBQ that will surprise more than a few people with its well-hidden alcohol content.

fantome de noel bottle

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