goose island bourbon county stout 2008

bourbon county stout in the glass

a while back, while over at CB’s (where all the good bottles seem to be hiding), he cracked open a bottle of bourbon county stout from 2008, a 13% abv bourbon-barrel aged imperial stout from goose island out in chicago.

  • I remember feeling a little like a sucker last year when I shelled out $20 for a four-pack of these at bevmo when they were first released.
  • however, I found that over time this beer has received rave reviews from all the beer nerds, and seems to be pretty highly regarded.  I still remember some dude over at city beer losing it over this beer, swearing that it was the most overlooked beer of 2008 and that we should all stock up before it was too late.
  • I hate to say this, but when I cracked a bottle of this open a few months after I got em, I could barely put down a few ounces – the brew was SUPER boozy, beyond a liqueur and more like a straight shot.  bourbon infiltrated all other flavors and I actually dumped half the bottle since AP didn’t want to have anything to do with it!
  • which brings me to a week or two ago, when CB pops the cap on this sucker and all I can think about was the booze fest that went down last year.
  • however, the beer aged very well, and the alcohol was a lot more veiled.  some great oak flavor came out as well.  the beer was infinitely more drinkable than it had been just a year prior, and tasted great!  I can’t wait to see what a couple more years do to this behemoth!

bourbon county stout

bourbon county stout bottle

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2 Responses to “goose island bourbon county stout 2008”

  1. DH Says:

    Had the same experience; got 2 bottles, struggled with the first, the second has been at the back of my fridge for over a year now. How long should I wait?

  2. admin Says:

    if you’re impatient, I would go for it now – it is definitely drinkable, although it is still super-bourbony. however, if you can wait another year, I would go for it – at 13% this guy can sit for a while.

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