strong beer session #1: barleywine

the lineup

work and the holidays has been cramping my blogging style as of late, so my apologies for the less-than-daily postings.  hopefully this week we’ll get back on track!

last friday the team (me and AP) hosted our first strong beer session, inspired by the holiday season.

  • we focused on barleywine, one of my personal favorite styles and a great way to warm up during these cold months.
  • after procuring barleywine-centric foods such as stilton cheese, savory sausages, and some sweet desserts, bottles began to get cracked and the taps started pouring.
  • the lineup was pretty varied, with many states (and a few countries) being represented.  the brews included:
  • the session peaked with a three year flight (2007-2009) of lagunitas’ brown shugga, and was followed by a bomber of my own 2006 homebrew barleywine and CB’s 2008 homebrew barleywine.
  • I also had my 8-month belgian date barleywine on draft for people to sip between tastings.
  • crowd favorites included the doggie claws, the ’07 brown shugga, and my ’06 homebrew (yes!).  an honorable mention went out to the 120 minute, which drank like a liqueur and had everybody talking (at 20% abv it was easy to see why).  I wish I had another one to put down for about 5 years…
  • overall, there was great company, beers, and food.  look for individual reviews of standout brews from the above list in the future.

the belgian date barleywine keg

the brown shugga flight

the aftermath, part 1

the aftermath, part 2

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3 Responses to “strong beer session #1: barleywine”

  1. DH Says:

    Having purchased, but not consumed the 120 minute, it was great to get a preview of what will come after aging a couple bottles a little longer. As a fan of port and Madeiras, I could see myself consuming the 120 with a few gents after a meal in the same manner.

    Overcarb’s ‘06 Barleywine was my personal fave. The Brown Sugga was great as usual, but biggest surprises for me were the ‘08 doggie claws and the ‘08 mikkellar. I’d definitely snag a bottle or two of each if I have the chance again.

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