pizza port carlsbad

pizza port carlsbad

after visiting my parents down in carlsbad, AP looked over at me while we were driving back up to LA and we both knew we had to stop by pizza port for a quick pint and a slice.

  • back in the days before I wised up, I used to brown bag a bomber of hog heaven barleywine over at pig liquor with the likes of PC to get my craft beer fix.  little did I know that a veritable brewing wonderland lay mere blocks away.
  • pizza port has a huge interior, with communal picnic tables both inside and out and a sizable bar wrapping around one side of the facility.
  • despite a less than enthusiastic (read: rude) bartender who was probably pissed he was working at noon on a sunday, I managed to get a pour of plant to pint, a fresh hop pale from port brewing.
  • plant to pint was mellow and drinkable, with a fresh citrusy hop aroma and a palate-coating bitter finish.  I actually preferred this to port’s other fresh hop offering.
  • the kicker is that their pizza is pretty awesome as well.  AP and I were contemplating trying another pint, but when AP was refused service at the bar(!) since her ID was in the car, we took the cue and headed out.
  • pizza port also has an incredible bottle shop (somewhat similar to city beer store) next door that was closed when we rolled by but will get reviewed in the near future.

plant to pint

some of the tanks in pizza port

the bar at pizza port

tap list at pizza port

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