john barleycorn barleywine 2008

john barleycorn in the glass

feeling the cold weather rolling in lately, I dug deep into the beer fridge and pulled out a john barleycorn barleywine from mad river brewing.

  • named after the english folksong personifying barley (and performed in one of the greatest albums ever), this brew is a barleywine, one of my favorite styles.
  • this bottle was from 2008 and had been aging in my fridge for over a year since a kind soul graciously dropped it off last winter, so I was excited to see if some age had mellowed out the alcohol these beers are known for.
  • once the beer warmed up a little, I detected a slight alcohol nose, but it was pretty well hidden in the sweet malt.
  • however, the beer was a little thin and had a tangy coating aftertaste which didn’t go down well.  I’m thinking malt extract or oxidation is the culprit.
  • with all the great barleywines/strong beers out there, this one was a bit of a disappointment.  however, it was a good kickoff into strong beer season.
  • check out these sites for more reviews.

john barleycorn

john barleycorn bottle

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