monteith’s black beer

monteith's black in the glass

last week PB and NB hooked me up with the mother lode – a variety pack of beers from city beer store, many of which I had yet to try, including monteith’s black, a black beer/schwarzbier from new zealand.

  • according to monteith’s site, their black beer is brewed “in the heritage of very dark West Coast beers brewed prior to restrictions imposed on beers in New Zealand during World War II.”
  • at 16 IBUs, there was little bitterness, and I could taste a light roasted malt flavor.
  • the beer had a clean, lightly coating mouthfeel adn a mildly astringent aftertaste.  there was also no perceivable aroma.
  • this beer is definitely sessionable, but with such other great alternatives available, I can’t see this as my go-to black beer.

monteith's black

monteith's black bottle

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