lagunitas little sumpin’ extra!

little sumpin extra! in the glass

after trying a lagunitas’ a little sumpin’ extra! over at rogue a while back, I knew I had to pick up a couple bombers for a rainy day.

  • a little sumpin’ extra! is a more intense version of a little sumpin’ sumpin’, which is  classified on beeradvocate as an american pale wheat ale (I would say it’s more like a wheat IPA).
  • I guess that makes ALSE a “wheat double IPA.”  whatever you want to call it, it works.
  • the beer has a great citrusy hop aroma, a great fluffy head, and finishes smoother than something like, say, hop stoopid (what a surprise!)
  • I wouldn’t hesitate to bring a couple of these to enjoy at a BBQ when I knew someone else was driving.
  • see a PDF of the flyer for this beer here.

little sumpin' extra! bottle

little sumpin' extra! pour

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