fantome printemps

fantome printemps in the glass

when I went over to CB’s for his last brew day, I brought over a bottle of fantome’s printemps.

  • this saison is brewed by Dany as a seasonal beer (Saison d’ Erezee) for spring.  according to the distributor, each year’s recipes are unique.
  • although (in my opinion) this beer wasn’t as tasty as one of my all-time favorites, their standard saison, it was still a great brew – it had great carbonation and was earthy and spicy with subtle fruitiness.
  • as with all fantome brews, I will always grab at least one bottle of printemps each season when I see it on the shelf.  it’s a great warm-weather beer, perfect for a BBQ or outdoor gathering.

fantome printemps bottle

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