pyramid ale house at OAK

On a different note, I had the honor of trying out the Pyramid Ale House while waiting for a flight in the Oakland Airport on the way down to LA.  Knocked down a thunderhead (truthfully, not my favorite IPA) while AP had an alehouse amber (an unfiltered amber “exclusive” to pyramid taprooms, pretty decent) .  not great, but not a bad option if you’re stuck with a delayed flight and have greatly diminished expectations.

  • great bartenders, but the beers were (predictably) pricey.
  • only prepackaged food from what i could see, not lookin’ good.
  • crowded as hell, but what do you expect on a Friday afternoon at the airport?



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  1. - your homebrewing and beer destination Says:

    […] place is pretty decent, about average for an airport bar.  I wish SFO had something like the pyramid ale house over at OAK […]

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